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Tucson: City in Arizona
    Founded August 20, 1775

          While researching the city of Tucson I came across a great website. In fact may be one of the most informative complete sites I've seen. The site itself is beautifully structured and easy to navigate the information is easy to understand and openly available. I spent a considerable amount of time on the site just looking studying clicking. Surprisingly I found it to be a goldmine of info about Tucson, the city in the desert.
          The site is linked to all of the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and more. So any information you may find pertinent can be personalized and stored within any of your existing social accounts. My favorite link on the site is the “things to do” link. It offers an amazing variety of things to do right here in Tucson. The very first link called “100 things to do” gives a great list of activities available to anyone in Tucson. As you can see by clicking on it there are literally thousands of activities as well.
           An awesome website with tons of resources, leads and activities. No matter what pretense you arrive in Tucson this website is for you. As of it was your first day in Tucson this website covers some of the most fundamental issues about the city such as things to do, where to stay and what to eat are only a few of the topics thoroughly covered on this site.
           So whether or not your a visitor or a true native be sure and take advantage of the wealth of information (free information) contained on this site. After looking round this site I now have a much better perspective of the city itself and more importantly, what's going on in it. 

The Tucson Method - 5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 A.M.

 Here in Tucson we we like to be successful at our endeavors. So through extensive research, data collection and a supercomputer a team of researchers was able to come up with a few. A few reasons why most of us Tucsonan's seem so often to enjoy unlimited success. It has been a known fact for years that the level of successful people here in Tucson is very disproportionate to the rest of the nation. Well today the rest of the world will findout what Tucson's secret is for success...enjoy!

We all would like to think there is some sweeping magic potion both to and for success. Unfortunately we know, most if us at least for the most part that that simply is not true. There are in fact many different factors involved in a person achieving success and each scenario is in fact unique unto the person.

Thanks to supercomputers that can churn out a highly researched list of any kind in just seconds. We have however found a closely related common denominator that most very successful people seem to share. And that is they all seem to be early risers. I mean most of the accounts given most of the people often refereed to watching the sun come up on a regular basis. While others  agreed that the stillness and purity of daybreak was in fact the best time of day to both think and create.

Surprisingly research showed that once awake successful people for the most part do 5 things every morn before 8 A.M. Which according to them seems to shape the rest of the day as well as set the tempo mentally speaking. Logically it makes sense to me. so take a look maybe you posses the skills of a successful person already. 

1. Exercise - As anyone on a daily workout schedule will quickly agreed the absolute best time to work is in the morning the earlier the better. Whether it’s a morning yoga session (and yes Yoga is considered a workout) or a trip to the gym, morning exercising always seems to give you a nice big boost of energy that seems to propel you through the day. It also gives you that early deserved sense of accomplishment. Morning workouts also eliminate the possibility of flaking out on your "evening" exercise after a long day. 

2. Map Out Your Day - Maximize your potential by mapping out your schedule for the day, as well as
your goals and to dos. The morning is a good time for this as it is often one of the only quiet times a
person gets throughout the day. The early hours foster easier reflection that helps when prioritizing
your activities. Mornings also allow for much clearer thinking as the day has not clouded your mentality with other distracting issues.  Following a pre-formatted plan is alot easier than the Chaotic and often times failure-prone "make it up as you go along" alternative.   

3. Eat a complete Healthy Breakfast - Just as you fill up the gas tank pf your car for a long trip take that extra time in the morning to fuel your body so that it can sustain the entire day and not fizzle around 4 in the afternoon due to "Low-Fuel". A sufficiently fueled body will always help keep you mind on what’s at hand as opposed to the increasing hunger pangs. Not only is breakfast good for your physical health, it is also a good time to connect socially. Breakfast is the perfect time even if for only a short while to sit, eat and talk to your  your kids or spouse. Make breakfast an enjoyable family event where the dining room table at breakfast time becomes the perfect platform for any and all family-related issues. 

4. Visualization - These days we talk about our physical health ad nauseam, but sometimes our mental health gets overlooked. The morning is the perfect time to spend some quiet time inside your mind meditating or visualizing. Take a moment to visualize your day ahead of you, focusing on the successes you will have. Even just a minute of visualization and positive thinking can help improve your mood
and outlook on your work load for the day. Begin with the end in mind, by visualizing your day ahead and the task within you can formulate an ending. Which although it may not be 100% accurate it does alleviate the stress of "nothingness". 

5. Make Your Day Top Heavy - We all have that one item on our to do list that we dread. So jump on it first off, get it out the way. So it doesn't loom and loom and seemingly grow bigger and bigger as the day progresses.  As a rule of thumb if you designate 3 as most important then immediately handle them. Technically speaking the rest of the day should be literally "downhill". Why handle the hard one's first ? Because the morning is when you are very well rested and your energy level is up. Therefore, you are
more well equipped to handle more difficult projects. By the time your work day is ending, you’re winding
down with easier to dos and heading into your free time more relaxed. Success!

So try out the "Tucson" technique and see if its works for you! Good Luck and remember the early bird always gets the worm`!

Tucson Arizona - A Winterbirds Paradise

Tucson Winters 

Tucson in November, its beginning to cool down here in town. The past Summer like most was intense almost to the breaking point, then the Fall came. What a relief the Winter was close. One of our greatest assets here in Tucson our Winters now is only a few months away. What a relief.

As we know as permanent residents our Winters here in Tucson brings thousands of temporary residents we call "Winterbirds". They come each Winter to take advantage of our beautiful weather, awesome outdoor activities and enjoy our Cactus Christmas.

At first glance it doesn't seem fair we as "Permanent" residents have to endure the infamous Tucson Summers in return for the few Winter in return for the few months official Winter we get here in Tucson. Maybe we should become "Summer Birds" and go somewhere for the Summer. That would solve everything right, well it sounds good except there's no other place like Tucson. Most of us would be back in Tucson in no time. See we Permanents endure the Sumer heat for a reason. It's because we know Tucson is a special place all year-round.

As we all know the Winters are indeed a treat

Tucson is not a typical city in any way from November to February we we're treated to a combination of elements that combine to create the perfect Winter weather. I mean we don't get too rain which keeps the town light and dry. Tucson Winters are manageable no floods, hurricanes or tornadoes and if we like we can go to the snow, right up on Mt. Lemmon.

Overall we "Permanents" actually enjoy the influx of Winterbirds each year. They seem to bring a nice new fresh perspective to Tucson. Enough in fact to overlook how horrible they drive once they get here.

A balanced city - With a nice mix of cultured Winterbirds mixed in with new young students each Spring. It makes for a nice balanced mix of residents. People from all walks of life all converge on Tucson each year with all sorts of great assets to offer. Contributing moreso to the uniqueness of Tucson. Somehow a mix of diverse personalities and perfect weather seems to create a close-knit community type atmosphere to the Tucson.

What makes us special - I mean were else can you go in January and have Diner at 7:30 out out on the restaurant patio like you can Tucson. A meal prepared by a retired Chef recently from Miami and served to you by a young waiter/student from Nebraska working his way through school. This is a Cactus Christmas and this is the only place you can experience one. So as permanent residents we should all take pride in our Winters here in Tucson they are something special.

So come on down and have Cactus Winter with... us there's plenty room.

Cartime Supercenter – A Cut Above The Rest

Tucson as a city is a little different than most. It receives tens of thousands of new residents each year. and lose roughly the same amount. This makes Tucson a transition town. New residents move here for reasons like education, retirement, medical conditions.

The one thing they all have in common once they move here is that in a town like Tucson with so many options they quickly become overwhelmed by choices, especially when it comes to buying a used car.

Word Of Mouth - As more of a tight knight community than a city Tucson operates daily by word of mouth. I'm asked a lot by new and residents my opinion on the most trusted businesses in the community. And most of all where to buy a good used car. With out hesitation I recommend Cartime Supercenter as the best place to purchase a used vehicle here in Tucson.

As a resident I've had experiences with quite a few of the 200 plus used car lots here in town. And all they did was managed to send me back to Cartime, running. I've purchased my last 3 vehicles from Cartime. 

Why Cartime - Exceptional Service is the biggest reason I come back the great prices do matter also. I know the employees over at Cartime will always do a great job of making me feel comfortable when it comes to making such a large long term purchase. More importantly this is an honest company one I know I can trust and depend on. Bottom line I know Cartime has best interest at heart first and foremost.

The Cartime Guarantee – The staff at Cartime are all well experienced and very knowledgeable about the cars they sell. They offer customers easy to understand options and explanations when it come to the areas of major concern, things like

  1. Easy Financing
  2. Dealer Certified Inspection Ready Vehicles
  3. Affordable Monthly Payments

As finance specialist Cartime specializes in helping customers with bad credit, slow credit, bankruptcy, repossessions, and first time buyers in obtaining an affordable financing. With such a wide range of financing options available Cartime will not only help you realize your dream of a new car but also while re-establishing your credit.

A 25-Year Loyal Customer - I came to Tucson myself as a new resident back in 1990. Assigned here as an airman. I knew nothing about Tucson or anyone in it. As it worked out Cartime happened to be a car lot close to Air Force Base. I wandered in and bought my first car, my very first car.

So for whatever reason you find yourself here in Tucson be sure and stop by Cartime Supercenter over at 3170 N Oracle here on Tucson or visit the website www.cartimeauto.com Chances are you'll find something you like. They always seem to have an excellent assortment of fine used cars and trucks both affordable and dependable. 

Even if you don't need a vehicle right away look into some of their maintenance specials as they have some really good pricing on maintenance and servicing of your current vehicle as well. So even if you drove your own vehicle to Tucson swing by Cartime and sign up for one of their feature maintenance packages. And if nothing else use some good old word of mouth.

Cartime Super-center

3170 N Oracle Rd

Tucson, AZ 85705


Inventory: www.cartimeauto.com

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Arizona And Solar Energy A Natural Fit

Here in Arizona the sun shines almost year round making the idea of Solar Energy both plausible and ideal. So you might ask why hasn't Solar Energy taken off long before now? The answer is simple, both technology and affordability had to find a comfortable place somewhere in the middle to meet. The Solar option as much benefit and potential it had shown unfortunately was not a plausible  option for the average American homeowner, that is until now.

Bigger picture...as a country we seem to be addressing the "Energy" issue swiftly, effectively and as a whole. Solar energy has been studied as an alternative energy source for decades. The feasibility of making each home an independent power source has just become a reality over the last few years. Flash forward to 2013 with the technology now fully understood and the equipment able to be mass-produced cheaply. The system itself is now affordable to the average homeowner. Initially the goal of  most major Alternative Energy Companies was to make Solar energy cheap and easily attainable. With major breakthroughs in Solar research it now seems more like a reality in the near future.

Stay off the Oil...with most of the planet and its products are still powered conventionally the demand for traditional energy  ironically is also increasing. With such a heavy demand natural sources are being simultaneously depleted or worse outlawed by new strict environmentally protective laws. This is why alternative energy so important. The writing on the wall is clear and in all caps. The fact that the supply may no longer be able to meet the demand could place conventional energy into a whole new category, an unaffordable one. The  global need for alternate energy is massive and the demand is limitless. Solar is one of the few alternates that could possibly fill such a huge quickly approaching need. Currently being left by Petroleum based Energy. 

Social change. A little over a decade ago the "Solar" was the idea they way to go. Seems everyone was on board then for some reason it lost a little steam. The concept of "Energy alternatives" abruptly shifted in the direction of Electrical alternatives. The Electric alternative found a solid home in the auto industry. As one of the planets largest consumers of conventional energy the Auto industry was in desperate need a way to keep their cars on the road. They came up with the fuel/electric combination A.K.A The Hybrid. Which meant Solar had to take somewhat of a backseat in the alternative energy vehicle. Scientist, researchers and major corporations soon found out that Electricity was cut from a different cloth and could not be controlled and was very unpredictable in its application. Safety was also a major concern. 

Sunny AZ - As the number two ranked Solar state second only to Sunny California Arizona offers several major benefits to homeowners willing to convert over to (SED) Solar Energy Devices.

Take a look at a few of the benefits and incentives Arizona Homeowners that do chose to go Solar will enjoy...

* An average of $30,000 - 36,000 added to the homes retail value!
* Each home becomes it's own independent power source. Free from any and all major corporations!
* Several initiative based programs that give homeowners the option of placing as little as 10-25% of the total cost of the Solar Energy Device (SED) down. An option currently offered by most Alternative Energy Companies.
* Homeowners may cap "Solar" usage.
* Possibly having the option in the future to reserve unused energy.
* Avoiding the "at will" rate increases of the major utility companies.
* Qualifying for a tax credit equal to 25% of the cost or $1,000 whichever is greatest.
* The price of the SED can be recovered in less than 4 years.
* You will no longer be affected by the steady rising cost of conventional energy.

Why convert...in what may be the most cost-effective reason is introduction of the Congress based "Cap N Trade Bill". The Bill is designed to reduce Green House emissions as well as reduce Global Warming by creating a system of "Pollution Permits" that all energy companies would be required to purchase before releasing any Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Most Economist firmly insist one of the negative effects of such a bill is that it will drive the cost of traditional energy up significantly. How much, in residential settings such as yours and mine some experts estimate cost could increase as much as 30%  annually! Even more incredible this has openly been refuted by most researchers as being severely underestimated. Most believe the true number to be closer to 50% annually. 

Arizonans - So maybe we should all take a closer look at the Solar alternative since lucky for us it is a viable alternative. The good news is that Solar is now an affordable Energy alternative. With help from both national and state agencies its now something the average homeowner can afford. The perfect place for Solar With Solar equipment now affordable and powered by something , Sunshine we should be able to make the transition to Solar smoothly efficiently  here in Arizona in no time. And in the process become one of the leading Solar powered states in the nation.

So for a cheap way to get started or just some great Solar info on types, sources, feasibility and affordability go over and look at  Energy2Green an excellent informative site that teaches all aspects of Solar as well as the benefit it has for Arizonans. So if you haven't already take look into the Solar option as it could benefit both you and your home in many ways. Hopefully with the demand growing more and more each day for safer cleaner energy alternatives sources we can all make the change. The fact that the  supply may no longer able to meet the demand could very soon place conventional energy into a whole new category, an unaffordable one. 

Solar Energy
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AZ Bicycle Experts - A True Tucson Asset

A Short Story About A Raleigh

I live here in Tucson and work as a writer with a hobby for collecting. It gives me a chance to do what I love most research. Recently I came across a 10-Speed. A Raleigh “Grand Prix”. It was light as a feather yet durable and the closer I looked the more I realized it to be an engineering marvel, at least to me. I realized it was probably vintage from its slender look and styling. I have to admit I come across several items of all types so I have sense for value. I knew immediately this Bicycle was special. My first instinct as a collector was to find out.
I used most of my normal avenues of research initially. Being an English product I receive a lot of feed back in the form of British Pounds and Centimeters neither of which I understand. So I switched over to a more local pattern of research, the phone-book. I went through a few local bike shops at first. Most of which asked more questions than they answered. Then I caught a break. I called over to “AZ Bicycle Experts” and spoke with a really cool guy named Sean. I briefly explained I had the Raleigh was researching to find history and possibly value.
This turned out to be best idea I had all day. Sean gave me a few pieces information on the Bicycle them proceeded to explain how I could use both E Bay and Craigslist as research tools in gathering information on the Raleigh. He also went on to explain there was in fact an upcoming “Bicycle Swapmeet” this month right here in town. He then to proceeded to supply me with the date, time, the the location (with reference points). All in a nice courteous  professional manner. As a writer I don't have much cash to throw around so to speak (no best sellers yet) and Sean answered my questions gave me more related info and didn't try and sell me anything, I appreciated that. 
With this newly obtained information I found out everything I needed to know about the Raleigh and a little more. Using the suggestions I received from Sean I was able to quickly confirm I did indeed have a rare gem of a find. It turned out to be a 77' Raleigh Model “Grand Prix” model as a well as rare imported version. It still had all the original parts which all function perfect. Far as I can tell it was only a set of Brake shoes (front) and a Tail light away from being complete. Overall in very good for being almost 40 years old. A Road/Touring Bicycle it has features so advanced they're still being used today.
  • Caliper Center Pull Brakes
  • Composite Metal Frame
  • Retrofitted with Shimano Pd-M747 Pedals

Being really satisfied with such service I went out back and looked at another bicycle I had. I called back over to AZ Bicycle Experts and got Sean again. I thanked him for his initial help and asked if I could ask another question on another Bicycle. With no hesitation he agreed and again he supplied me top-notch info on a mountain bike made by IronHorse (turns out it was a child's bike!) When I researched it same thing happened surface general in formation returned same kind I received mostly from the Raleigh. I'm glad I did call AZ Bike Experts like the name implies they really were experts and knew their bicycles. More important they allow a nice comfortable line of communication. I mean I didn't feel like I was going to be pitched to at any minute lured into the shop under false pretenses. I got exactly what I asked for in each call and have plans on going in once this Raleigh sells and finding something more suitable for me.
Me personally I would recommend to anyone that has any type of Bicycle needs contact AZ Bicycle Experts they truly are experts. Or just drop by I plan to I mean I was treated so well over the phone I would like to see a what an actual visit in person be like! At any rate this is yet another one of Tucson hidden gems so make sure you take advantage when it comes to your Bicycle issue's. Mention this Blog Post it could get you a discount...you just have to go in and find out!

AZ Bicycle Experts
2801 E Speedway Boulevard (at Treat)
Tucson, Arizona 85716
**And remember to support your local merchants and they will support you!


Acacia Partners - Efficient professional property management

Acacia Partners - Efficient professional property management

         Finding your next place to live could be a hassle at times. Especially with so many other things going on in life. Fortunately here in Tucson we have a Residential Management company that make finding a place a lot easier. Acacia Partners located at 7423 E Tanque Verde Road is one Tucson's most well known agencies.
They always seem to have an amazing array of properties of all different styles of all varieties homes, apartments and condominiums. Located throughout Tucson very competitively priced, cleaned, inspected ready to be leased.
All units through Acacia Partners are also guaranteed to be well maintained by their staff of professional contractors. So if your an owner with property in need of management or as a tenant in search of a new fresh residence either way consider Acacia Partners as your one stop sop for all residential needs.
For a list of the most current properties or any other info click on the company link below

American Manufacturing - Where Did All The Jobs Go

Where did all the jobs go ?
A simple question if looked at from an overall perspective. The price we have to pay we all in order to get what we want we have to give up something. So the answer in short would be technology but lets take a closer look at it. As we wanted everything at our fingertips, even closer than a touch away, we demanded it be available in a few seconds or less. What was unknown to most of us at the time was that we would get everything we asked for unfortunately it would lead directly to the downfall of the entire manufacturing industry.At least here in America. 
Remember not too long ago all of the huge factories that used to exist? The one's we all used to pass by.
Massive plants spread out over hundreds of acres all over the United States. To a point they made us self-sufficient due to the fact they mass produced pretty much any and everything. From cars, washing machines, Refrigerators and anything else you can imagine. This is precisely when the most powerful advertising slogan in the world was created “Made In America”. The 1950's here in the United States due to a post-war boom manufacturing was like never before. Nestled between the War torn 1940's and the controversial 1960's, 1950's defined the United States as a powerhouse in both manufacturing and production.
Much like today college was available for higher education and fields of interest. Yet if you managed obtain employment at say the GM plant, this was a lifelong job with excellent benefits, Job Security, unions, and you more than likely (back then) made the same if not more than those that went to college. The fact that you worked for General Motors was also more than enough to get you qualified for loans, lines of credit and more as most creditors knew very well the type pf job security was available at GM.

Well what happened? You may be asking yourself, I mean most of us today wasn't there but it sounds like a much better than than now! You may be thinking. Well like I said before the 60's were controversial not work oriented. Seems everyone wanted equal rights but no one wanted to work for them. Then the 80's man let's not go there. Seems everyone was somewhere dancing in leg warmers or in a sweat suit so let's just move on.
The 1990's came up and we were all bit by the Technology bug everyone wanted everything right now. We didn't have time to wait! We couldn't wait for production times, shipping or showroom presentations. The Internet had instantly the made world a much smaller place while also placing any everything at our fingertips. And we all loved it! At least at first. We thought it would work well on a leash...something we could use to our advantage at our leisure, control and put away when done. Instead we literally unknowingly let “The Genie Out The Bottle”. What happened? You may ask again. Simply put thanks to technology and all of its technological advances it was now possible now for robots to perform the same jobs as humans. Only robots didn't get sick, require or life health insurance nor did they take sick days or vacations. They don't have a union demanding time and a half. They simply worked, broke and were repaired or replaced.
Corporations realizing this immediately poured millions into researching and developing them as the next workforce. And given the means Scientist in turn produced some amazing results in advanced fields such as Robotics, Programming Automation. The new workforce was now being manufactured and would soon help fill up the un-employment office. Since now most corporations only required a “Skeleton Crew” to manage, maintain and program robots! That pretty much did use in. looking at it from a Corporate perspective, You have thousands of employees that require Health and Life insurance, demand time and a half (overtime), complain to his union (about everything) and insist on being paid for days he didn't work (vacation). We could also get the same exact ask done with Robots. They work until they malfunction and they worked very efficiently. All they ever required was programming. No sick days, overtime it was a no brainer.
Just as we all tried to adjust to the impact being replaced we were yet again blindsided by the one thing none of us could have expected nor been prepared for, outsourcing. The combination was simple but deadly. It meant the end of traditional employment as we knew it here in the U.S. Everything that we had once stood on as ground and workers, laborers had been soundly snatched from under of feet. For the first time ever anything that couldn't manufactured by the robots was outsourced, shipped overseas. Our work was shipped out overseas for the same exact reasons the robots were built, cheap cost-effective non-stop labor with no overhead.
So for all of the new age technology, cell phones, flat screen TV's, powerful yet extremely fuel efficient cars? We did have a price to pay and big one at that. For all of our finger tip technology and digital communication we had to give up something. Job Security an almost forgone conclusion in today's economy but how many of us would like to live the long gone “Middle Class” life. The one that was much more simple. Where you bought a house, a car and opened a savings/retirement fund. Security remembered back when your biggest concern was getting your own son a job at the plant when he turned 18 (cheaper than college).
I wonder how many of us would give up our hectic technic lives of today for a simpler slower true American middle class way of living. Where job security wasn't an issue when we dealt with the same bank, the same branch for life. In hindsight would you rather live a slower simpler yet more secure life like we did in the 1950's or lightning fast superficial, surrealistic video version of life we all live everyday? To become a faster more Technology-Based society we gave up something that in hindsight probably has us all wondering... was it really worth it ?

Top Hops In Tucson - Best beer In Tucson

A good friend of mine is coming down from Minnesota to visit. He asked me if he would be able to enjoy his favorite import while here in Tucson?  So now I had a mission. Where in the peaceful confines of Tucson Arizona could he find his favorite Imported Brand if he could at all? I told him straight up this is the town to  come to if you want to get drunk. I went on to explain that we not only get drunk here we do it in certain ways. So let's focus on Beer.

1702 E Speedway Bl
Tucson, AZ

Namesake involved this place is nice in the fac that it carries BOTH Foreign and Domestic on tap. Which now a days is hard to find. What makes them exceptional is that they rotate the list so variety is key not to mention the Pizza is fabulous.

Dragoon Brewing Company
1859 W Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ

True local brewing this place has the best experience available in Tucson when it comes to a true Brewery experience. They have 7 tap rooms in which you can sample endless samples (get drunk). Make sure you eat because they don't have anywhere for you to eat. A few trucks pull up outside offering food for sale otherwise eat before you arrive.

Fox and Hound Smokehouse & Tavern
7625 N LaCholla BL
Tucson, AZ

An upscale Sports Bar of the highest caliber. I have to say I enjoyed myself to the utmost. The company was ultra-friendly and the atmosphere was more than friendly to say the least. Albeit I was the only West coast fan in the room it was still a nice atmosphere to be in.. I'd been wondering the whole time what made this place so different?  Then the barkeep leaned over and whispered... "You know we have over 100 Beers on tap?" I responded immediately in kind..."No i did not!" And together we took the next step as I established myself as well as my intentions, to sample them all! And as of today we are at No# 36 and continue move forward...

Glass Blowing - An Ancient Fire Art

A Brief History Of Fire Art

              Glassblowing is the art of creating glass sculptures by manipulating molten glass. Glassblowing was first developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. Since then, glass-blown products have become indispensable to daily life, as well as to scientific innovation, and glassblowing has emerged as a major art form. There are two types of glassblowing: lamp-working, which is done with a blowtorch, and off-hand, which works glass on the end of a hollow tube.
The "studio glass movement" began in 1962 when Harvey Littleton, a ceramics professor, and Dominick Labino, a chemist and engineer, held two workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art, during which they started experimenting with melting glass in a small furnace and creating blown glass art. Thus Littleton and Labino are credited with being the first to make molten glass available to artists working in private studios. This approach to glassblowing blossomed into a worldwide movement, producing such flamboyant and prolific artists as Dale Chihuly, Dante Marioni, Fritz Driesbach and Marvin Lipofsky. In 1971, Dale Chihuly began the Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, Washington. The Pilchuck School of Glass became the source of a great deal of the current American Studio Glass movement, and continues as such today. Gianni Toso was among the first Murano-trained artists to visit Pilchuck and share Italian technique in the United States. Lino Tagliapietra is another top Murano master who visited Pilchuck in the 70s during the growth of the studio glass movement and eventually establishing a second home in Seattle. Lino is acknowleged as one of the top masters alive today and through his generosity and openness about advanced Italian glassworking techniques has made profound contributions the glass world and influenced a multitude of American artists in the process.
Glassblowing is a form of art that requires lengthy training and intense concentration. In addition to glassblowing as an art, many individuals pursue glassblowing as a hobby. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America.
A local Glass Blower, located high in the desert of Tucson, Arizona is a very unique modern-day Glass Blowing company that goes by the name of Kine Glass. They offer a unique variety of assorted items all all created by a team of highly skilled professional Glass artist.I went to their website online at kline-glass.com ordered a few products myself a few days later I went in to pick them up. I figured the shop itself would be a very interesting place to just go and look around. And I was right there where so many beautifully designed pieces of glass of each shelf all beautiful in their own way. When I arrived the shop was a little crowded so I was able to window shop a little. I was approached very respectfully by a salesperson and told there be a small wait. I thanked her and continued to look at the pieces on display. . While I was there I got a chance to speak with the owner and I asked him what was the most important here at Kine Glass to both him and his team of artist. He answered without hesitation stating; " The single most important thing here at Kline Glass is by far our customer's satisfaction. We pride ourselves in satisfying the customer before, during and after the sale here at Kine Glass we prod ourselves on the great support we offer well after the purchase. We continue to provide our customers support on any of the items in our 16-Page (downloadable from the website). I also learned that they also take request for unique pieces as well as give them a call and let them make you something from your own creation.
Overall it turned out to be a very nice experience. The overall atmosphere was comfortable and the service was great. I came home and looked up a little about Glass Blowing as an Art and found this really nice video below that explains the art as well as the history of Glass Blowing. So take a quick look it's not too long and shows nice and clear.

The Pima Air & Space Museum - A Gem In The Desert

Pima Air & Space Museum 

The Pima Air & Space Museum features a display of nearly 300 aircraft spread out over 80 acres (320,000 m²) on a campus occupying 127 acres (610,000 m²). Located in Tucson, Arizona, it is one of the world's largest, non-government funded aerospace museums. It is also home since 1991 to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.
Opened to the public in May 1976 with 48 aircraft on display, the Museum's main hangar houses an SR-71A Blackbird, an A-10 Warthog, an Air Force Through the Years exhibit, and a mock-up of a control tower.
The museum is adjacent to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), affiliated with the base, also known as the "Graveyard of Planes" or "The Boneyard", is the largest aircraft storage and preservation facilities in the world. Bus tours of the boneyard leave from the museum several times a day from Monday to Friday, except Federal holidays.
The nearby Titan Missile Museum and Pima Air & Space Museum are over seen by the Arizona Aerospace Foundation and are governed by the Board of Trustees. They are non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on visitors paying admissions, for trams and AMARG tours, as well as what they spend in the Museum stores. Both Museums also rely on memberships and contracted events to pay to restore and acquire exibits. It is located south of Tucson in Green Valley off of Interstate 19 and features a Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile still in its silo. Tours of the above-ground and underground installations around the missile are conducted daily. More extensive "top to bottom" tours take up to five hours and are conducted several times each month. Reservations required for top to bottom tour.

Aquaponics 4 You™ is a digital program (Including Video Instructions) that shows you how to build your very own Aquaponic System at home.
This is the complete solution that you can provide to the increasing number of people looking for growing their own natural vegetables in their backyard or garden.

So take a look at this video and start growing your own! 

Live Tucson Life...Work From Home

Amanda Thompson - Guest Blogger

Upload Videos to YouTube And Cash In

         Hi my name is Amanda and I have lived here in Tucson, Arizonan for quite some time. I am a person with developmental disabilities I read his blog post often, especially for the nice in town research that s posted like the best dentist or doctor. I know that there are lots  you out there that read this blog as well that could use some help making the ends meet every month. Well the reason I asked to write a small piece was so that I could share with you something that really helped me by doing just that.
        About 3 months ago found a program that paid me to  Upload YouTube Videos . I mean thought since I couldn't do too much else due to my disability and I did spend a lot of time at home on the computer that it was something I could do within my limited means. So I read a couple of reviews on it and did a little research to boot. Turns out there are currently thousands of companies out there that have hundreds of thousands of videos that need to be uploaded. They range from promotional videos, training, advertisement and so many more.
        I thought it was going to be a lot of difficult code reading and writing which I didn't know anything about. So I called the company and received a very clear and concise explanation as well as a walk through on the functionality of the program as a whole. It turned out to be a lot easier to use than I had initially thought. It was a lot more like writing a blog than anything else. The program itself is very user friendly and a snap to set up and get going.
       I mean I know this isn't technically a Health issue but if you have the type of disability like I do where you really should not stress then finally being able to supplement your income to where you can actually meet your monthly obligations does in fact alleviate a lot of stress. Especially from home the work from home is a god send especially since my disability severely limits transportation for me. I've gotten it down to a nice rehearsed repetitive routine now which I can almost do in my sleep. The level of success really depends on you. I personally am not try to get rich so I found me a nice little niche and stayed there. You on the other hand may want to see how far you can go with the simple concept of Uploading Videos to YouTube And Cashing In 

      I am currently communicating with others in the program as we share secrets and tips and improve just how we do our jobs each day. I mean I love it since all it takes is a little self-discipline and fast Internet Connection. Everything is in-house, they even mail me my paychecks. So thanks for stopping by and I hope the info helped. Feel free to write a comment or two any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  

FYI - Below is the actual short little 53 Second video that got me interested in the beginning so take a look maybe you will get a better understanding. And please subscribe to this blog. 


Things To Do In Tucson Arizona

    I was recently challenged to find 100 things to do here in Tucson. Initially at first sight it seemed like a an almost impossible task. But upon closer inspection I found things here were well-hidden yet they did qualify. So over the next few post I will be showcasing our cities many activities not sure if I will make it to 100 but trying is most of the fun! So stay tuned over the next few months while "Tucson Life" is showcased.
      The Pima Air and Space Museum is considered the most unique museum in the world as it contains planes found no where in the world. The actual tour itself is awesome as you get to go through history while looking at the mammoth planes as they stand silent, tour of duty served. truly 100 years of aviation history all under one roof. One of the most unique aspects of the museum is the fact that it also contains Spacecraft as well as mere aircraft. The museum has multiple exhibits both inside and out yet each one is unique and in it's own way special. There are planes here that are very rare and may not be available any where else in the world!
     A personal favorite is Hanger 3 WW2, aircraft in there are phenomenal to say the least. The fact that most where to this day still in mint condition after so long really makes the experience special. It is good to go back every once and awhile and see how America was built. What it took for us to be Americans all the traditions, sacrifices and history seemed to be contained here in Hanger 3 as you can plainly see what we had to fight with and we already know what we had to fight for. This is the only place I can get a up close and personal look at my favorite of all Aircraft, the SR71 Blackbird. They have one in the first hanger and it looks incredible! So go take a look at a part of our Aviation history and hopefully learn and appreciate our heritage as Americans as well as what it took to get us here.

Adults $15.50
Pima Co. Residents $12.75
Seniors $12.75
Children $ 9.00
Children 6 & under  Free
AMARG* $ 7.00
Group Rate $13.50

Tucson Dentist

Where Can I  Get Good Dental Work In Tucson 

    As a citizen of Tucson I have been fortunate over the last 25 years to have 2 great Dentist here in town. So found 5 great Dental Offices here in Tucson. They're in no order of importance just useful information for anyone that can use it. So lets get started...

Pueblo Dental Center
1000 N Silverbell Rd
(520) 624-7514

      An excellent overall faculty. Very professional as well as informative they use state of the art equipment and have a highly trained staff of assistants. In the office are two highly trained veteran Dentist. And they make a courtesy call the day before your appointment.

Perfect Teeth
6126 E Speedway Bl
(520) 289-2379

     A winner in name alone I've always thought, a great name. Located on the east side of Tucson this office seems to be able to take care of all your dental needs. They offer
> Orthodontics
> Oral Surgery
> Periodontics
And so many more supporting and post procedures. Perfect Teeth promised to take care of their patients before, during and after their office visit. Hopefully you will visit their state of the art office managed by a kind experienced staff. Perfect Teeth also offers Emergency Care. The resident Dentist, Dr. Charles Pick himself is a kind patient professional that takes the time explain procedures and answer any questions a patient may have.

Western Dental
7701 E Broadway Bl
(520) 704-6755
(520) 704-6167 Braces

    For more of a family Dentist I would go with Western Dental as they have an array of services that extend to cover the entire family. From Braces for the children to Dental Implants for the parents as well. One of the things I liked about them was that they accepted the plans of almost all major Dental insurers! And the areas that may not have been covered in the plan they were more than willing to discuss a 0% payment plan for the remainder. How they manage to charge no interest in a time when there's literally a charge, fee, deposit or tax on nearly everything we do today. And on top of that their list of services offered was quite impressive. Very thorough and complete it including services such as:
> Digital X-Rays
> Check Ups
> Cleanings
> White Fillings
> Extractions
> Braces Clear and Colored
> Dental Implants
> Cosmetic Dentistry
> Specialty Dentistry
> 1 Hour Zoom Whitening
> Invisalign - Alternative To Braces
> Porcelain Crowns
    A great all in one place for all your Dental needs

Dental Village
5209 N Oracle Rd
(520) 704-6706

   Dental village has a nice slogan "We'll make you smile" which means they have to do some good work for it show. especially to the point you can't stop smiling, anyway. Location was a big plus for Dental Village as they have 8 locations alone here in Tucson. Although they have a few locations they are still family owned and operated not some heartless corporation. They were one of the first that addressed my anxieties (as they put it) about Dental work. I like most people had this incorrect preconceived notion about the Dentist. The one were he's has a pair of rusty pliers and no anesthesia. Fortunately at Dental Village they did a great job of explaining the procedures (as well as the options for pain) to the point where I was maybe for the first time comfortable in a Dentist office. They welcomed a host of Major Dental insurers  as well the one service I noticed being offered here was called "Oral Cancer  Screenings" I found that to be one of the most important  test we could take health wise. It yielded a lot of very useful information which I still utilize today. So be sure and get your Oral Cancer Screening soon.

South West Dental Group
2934 W Ina Rd
(520) 216-4201

   Southwest Dental group has a nice complete website complete with all relevant facts and questions that would possibly be asked prior to an appointment. They also have multi-locations to better serve you either here or in Phoenix. The staff is very patient and knowledgeable. They're also a family oriented Dentistry with a full range of services that includes every family member. And maybe best of all they have a way to save 15-60% right on the front of their webpage! Another thing I did appreciate was their front page patient reviews. It is comforting to hear testimony from someone that has went through a similar procedure as the one your about to undergo.

    So there you have Dental needs addressed any of these 5 Dentist are more than able to handle any range of  Dental issues. So make sure if your here in town to look at this list of Dentist. Let's make sure you get the treatment available. This is Tucson everything done here is A-1.

The End  


Tucson Arizona

Tucson Arizona

                  Well since we all know that people primarily move here for 1 of  3 reasons to go to school, go on vacation or go into retirement. I decided to create a blog that would help us all as both new and seasoned residents of Tucson. I will dedicate this blog to showing the world the best that Tucson has to offer. I will highlight such areas as our world famous health care system, currently leading the nation in Cancer research. We also offer top notch education with one of the worlds most prestigious schools The University of Arizona right here as well as dozens of other Career specific institutions, City and Community colleges, post training academies and so much more. Retirement you ask, why does everyone come here to retire? easy answer one word, weather. hand down we have the nations best weather (on average) as we see the most sunny days by far here in Tucson. We have a few Summer months that can get heated but for the trade off, no humidity I'm for one okay with the heat. To me its more cleansing than anything else and like everything else after a while you get used to it. So I'm going to do the best I can to point out the best qualities of a one of a kind town, Tucson. So stay posted right here as this is the official guide for the city. This blog will highlight the best the city has to offer in all areas such as entertainment, housing, medical services, business services, transportation and so much more. Whether here on a short vacation or retired indefinitely this blog will not only help you learn Tucson but more importantly it will help you understand it.

The End 

Welcome Back

     It's been a while since we spoke. Luckily Tucson has only gotten better with age. We had a exceptionally nice Winter of 2012. And now we are in a nice mellow springtime Kite weather. So where are all of the children. The way the wind is blowing these days i thought I would see kids everywhere holding kite strings? April, especially here since this is one of the few months you can enjoy as far as weather is concerned.So I asked a few people while I was out and about. I was surprised to learn that that unanimously almost everyone I asked told me that kids today were sitting on a couch playing video games. Are they really all sitting in front of a TV playing video games? And if so what what happened? I thought the plan was to get away from the house. Times have indeed changed alot I guess. When I was a teen being a home classified you as a square. Back then the whole point of being a teen was to find a plac to hang out. preferably free like parks or beaches since none of us had cash. I guess times do change and we simply have to keep up.

The winter of 2012-2013 in Tucson, AZ

The winter of 2012-2013 in Tucson, AZ

I must say that to have been here for the winter of the this year was truly something special. As I have been here personally for 2 decades and have never seen all of the circumstances come together as they did here over the last 6 months. Right here in Tucson. I mean the weather was more than perfect if possible as everyday seemingly went along with the flow of the city. I mean if it needed to rain it did if it didn't it didn't. The town itself has always had an amazing business attitude. Yet somehow this year we managed to outdo ourselves even in that area as well. You see this was the best Christmas season we have had here in close to 3 decades (don't ask how I know just trust me!). As there is no reason to question success no one really knows why such an exceptional season right here in Tucson. In a nutshell the price was right and so many of us was willing to pay for what we wanted that the market balance out!
The winter birds as always was cool as a fan. They come here every year and bring such a nice mix of culture and diversity to the desert. Share with us culture from all over the United States, saving us the trip! Ironically it all works out perfect as we can tolerate the the birds in the winter because the weather is so much cooler and they go home for the Summer honestly. As a true Tucson-an you already know we need the town to ourselves in the Summertime, period no excuses.
The traffic here in Tucson has been fluid, non- stop absolutely perfect. I do not understand but as I said earlier I will not question extreme success in any area. All drivers here both local and visiting are always courteous and professional. I personally have not been late for an appointment in over 6 months! This is Tucson, Arizona and we like it here. We like it because we know that there is no other place like it on Earth. The factors that make up the town exist no where else. The uniqueness of the year combined with the exquisiteness of the season made for an exceptional 6 months this past. My optimism can only expect more for the next 6!
This was 2012-2013 and it was one of the best years I personally have ever spent here in Tucson I really can't place a finger on it. It just seemed as though everything went as it was supposed to. The irony is that most of the changes I underwent tool place within me. As I benefited from such a unique set of surroundings such as our unique desert back drop. I realized more and more about me. I truly have a better understanding of many more things as the seasons change into a warmer climate. The question could always be posed as a paradox meaning did I learn about the town or did I learn about myself in the process of understanding the town...

Tucson don't come here halfway, this town is for real!

FYI - 62% of the people that pass through here... never make it out alive! Just remember that! The desert! 


I need some feedback on this...

Is how life is really lived

Yes! The last moment matters!

It is really all you have to give...


You have the ball and you will take the last the last shot

Do you feel justified?

Have you given this game all you've got?

Since this is honestly and truthfully how life is really lived...


The truth about pressure is that only the last few seconds matter

Spontaneous combustion culminates to a point and we as humans have to react

This in itself creates the scenario when...

Only a few seconds remain and you have the game in your hands

This has nothing to do with luck, it is pre-determined, you have no choice... it is what nature demands

It is up to you to take the last shot!

The Whole team is depending on you

You have to achieve the correct elevation...

You have to place the ball in the correct rotation

As the clock winds down...

The score is tied

Everyone else has tried and the reality is that...

The outcome is in your hands...

There is no other...

Fuck pressure...

This is life and...

You will take the last shot...


At The Buzzer!!!! The Remix

At The Buzzer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The Remix

How many of us can really take the shot at the buzzer?

I can

Yes it does take a lot of skill to shoot the last shot

An abundance of nerve, courage, confidence and so much more

So how many of us can really pull the trigger “At the buzzer”

I can

How many of us can really take the last shot, the one it all comes down to?

Who amongst us all is willing to be known as the one that failed or succeeded ?

I am

You see the score is tied and everything is perfectly balanced

And It's all about the last shot

And I have the ball!

The arena gets smaller as I advance towards the front court

This is now a lesson

Life is teaching me something, this is no longer a sport

Victory to me is now an obsession

I know in my heart I will take the last shot of this game

I do realize that after-wards my life will never be the same

Passing is not an option

I am here solely for this moment

This will require all the faith in me I've got


I already know will raise up from the floor with 2 seconds left and shot the shoot...

At the buzzer!