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The uniqueness of Tucson...


Internalist - The Perfect Primary Care Physician 

Internal Medicine...What is exactly..?

   Physicians specializing in internal medicine are called internists, or physicians. Internists are skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes. Several conditions that need to be treated in unisome with regard to one another.

What exactly is Internal Medicine? As certified by the Board of Internal Medicine practitioners provide long-term, comprehensive care in the office and the hospital, managing both common illnesses and


   Yet t

The Tucson Edge - A Local Copywriters Professional Opinion On A Local Publication

The Tucson Edge - The 2nd Issue 



The Tucson Edge

 A Tucson-Based Publication Promoting Local Artist, Events And Business

So one day last week I took my usual walk down to Catalina Market (2601 N. Columbus Bl) as I do several times a week to pick up few items ( they have great incense!) and hold a short conversation with the owner, Jay. I also pick up my usual copy of the Tucson Weekly and head on back home. Only this time when I went over to pick up a copy on my way out the door, there was another publication sitting on the stand right next to it...TheTucson Edge?

I asked Jay what was this “Edge” about? He told me it was something new and that I would enjoy it and suggested I take a copy home. Since it was in fact well within both my own budget and price range, free. I took a copy home.
>>>>> Instantly Access The Tucson Edge Online CLICK HERE!
I sat and read my copy of The Tucson Edge, the second edition and I have to say it was exactly what I had been looking for...well written, highly researched nicely formatted info on the city, Tucson Arizona. Not just any info but relevant highly sought after info by Tucson's top 3 resident-types;
  1. Students – here via the U of A looking for the “big 3” Live Music, Good Food and stuff to do.
  2. Patients – In Tucson due to health condition(s) or Dr's orders seeking activities well within their “health” limitations and restrictions.
  3. Retirees – Essentially nothing but time on their hands (and a brand new Hybrid!)
The rest of us here seemingly fill in the blanks....

I mean I've actually heard stories of actual “Native Tucsonans”, people actually born and raised here? Although in my 30 plus years as a resident I personally have yet to see on? Everyone here is from somewhere else it seems as a Patient transfer, U of A Student, or a Retiree looking for some Sunshine.

* The rest of us are here because we got lost looking for Phoenix !

Back to me, what had me so impressed was both the knowledge of and access to Tucson's Independent Media! I personally had been looking for this info for a few weeks in hopes of strengthening distribution avenues, locally. And here it all was right here every single thing I'd been looking for, on a single page! The article did a great job of clearing up all of my questions and concerns in regards to “Tucson Independent Media” and even went on to clear up a few personal issue's as well. Like what really happened to Access Tucson...finally I know the truth. So much props and recognition to Julie Jennings Patterson for her Page 5 Article “Tucsonism” just what a local Copywriter needed...thanks Julie!

I went on reading The Tucson Edge, after earmarking the wealth of info I'd received from Julie back on page 5. I have to say I was really impressed at how each and every article was just long enough! Long enough to wholly satisfy my curiosities, retain my full attention. I loved it! As a fellow Copywriter I could clearly I was benefiting from the end result of some intense R&D in each article I read. I must say the publication does in fact do a good job of giving Tucson a nice sharp edge...at leas from an artistic perspective. 

I read the publication 3 times. I like how the pages flowed together somehow making the read a lot easier than most, a great transition from one subject to the next. In closing I would not only recommend the reading to most if not all Tucsonans, but also ask if you have any local advertising needs to please look towards the >The Tucson Edge< as an option. The local support would be greatly appreciated in kind. So the next time your at a local Circle K, put up a copy and read it, show local support....This is Tucson.

For More Info On How To Advertise With The Tucson Edge Contact info@thetucsonedge.com

A Request For Professional Reference - Dr. John T Pellerito Internal Medicine

Dr. John T. Pellerito, MD, Internal Medicine

4462 E 5th Street

Tucson Arizona 85711

Phone: (520) 327 6676

Fax: (520) 327 1965

July 10, 2015 

A Request For Professional Reference

 The offices of Dr., John T Pellerito has come to a point where it would like to know if it has made a difference. It would to know from you, its own patients if it has in fact served the medical needs of our close-knit community successfully.

The good Doctor Pellerito ( and his staff ) would like to know if it has made a difference? Did we satisfy our patients? Did you get the professional treatment you deserved as a patient? Where you effectively diagnosed and treated? Would you recommend the Doctor's services? Take a moment or two and reflect back on your own personal interactions with the Doctor, the offices, and staff and provide a short letter of reference as a patient, it would be greatly appreciated in many ways and by so many people.

Feel free to use the office info listed above to submit a nice neat concise (typed/handwritten) letter of Reference (fax, mail, email) to us, it would be greatly appreciated throughout the office to know we did make a difference serving the communities medical needs as intended upon opening our doors.

Again thanks for any correspondence in regards to this matter.

The Offices Of John T Pellerito, MD,
Internal Medicine

Tucsonans - Lets Look At Residential Solar Energy

Many would say we're the ideal town for any kind of residential technology whatsoever being we literally live in the Sunlight (what makes us Tucsonans) so let's take a look at look at what all the hoopla is over when it comes to Residential Energy...

Will Tucson Arizona Be A "Solar" City In 5 Years?

Energy From The Sky - Can we really get our energy from the sky...
instead of some utility company?

Free Power systems are devices and techniques that help you harness energy from the sky, or rather from free resources around you, so that you don't have to pay monthly electricity bills anymore. The devices help you generate usable electricity for your household indefinitely.
There are several methods available to generate electricity from free energy sources. The most popular focuses on three areas that have been proven to be efficient, reliable, and cost effective. Believe it or not, you can use the TV and Radio signals around you to generate electricity. These signals are primarily intended to carry information, but they possess electromagnetic energy that could be converted to electrical energy. Usable current electricity can be generated from static electricity. Radiant energy is always present in the atmosphere, day and night, in the form of solar radiation and cosmic rays. Tesla's Secret Device provides you appliances that help you harness these free sources of energy to generate electricity for your home.
However, you must keep in mind the dangerous nature of electricity. If not handled properly, electric devices and conductors can be fatal. It is recommended to follow the instructions precisely and with caution, or hire the services of a qualified professional in installing their devices. In fact, it would be better if you started installing small devices first to get the hang of it, before proceeding to a full scale installation to generate electricity for your entire household.
The concept of free energy is over a hundred years old, and free energy devices are being used by enthusiasts all over the world. A few devices that are considers the best choices, among this vast array of devices based on varying principles
Among the various users of free energy, is the inventor of floppy disk and other devices, Dr. Nakamat. The electricity for his entire huge house with over 30 guest rooms is generated using free energy devices, based on the principles of Nicola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter. Dr. Nakamat's free energy system is so efficient that after expending tremendous amount of electricity for the needs of his house, the system still generates electrical energy to be sold to the Tokyo Electric Power Company!