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Tucson Music Awards 

Wednesday Sept. 5th 7pm Realto Theatre

Free event

Fellow Tusconans tonight is the night the Tammies are here be sure and get down to the Rialto Theater tonight and see them live. The event as you know is 100% Tucson. It's when we get together as a community and vote on our own local Musicians we have right here in town. Oh yea we have some great talent right here in town. Great bands that play great music. For more info on the Tammies tonight pick up a copy of the Tucson Weekly.
              And oh yeah did anybody get to the Hotel Congress' annual HoCo Fest, a weekend-long music festival that was held right downtown Tucson last week? It was awesome! just the experience in itself was something to remember. the performances were all unique and classic. Voted one of the 10 BEST ROCK CLUBS IN AMERICA Club Congress has events of this caliber often. their mission is to both showcase and support the local artist we have right here in TUCSON. And once there don't forget to stop by the "Tap Room" the drink specials are competitively priced, at least I've heard.
         Yes so the Tammies make sure you get down to the event and support our local artist as they culminate years of hard work with with one of a kind recognition from the Tammies. Hope to see you there I wouldn't miss it for all the Grammy's, the Tammies! This years "Hall of Fame" Inductees include both Linda and her Grandfather Federico Ronstadt. Hmm... I see now as it all starts to make sense as we have a "Ronstadt' Center located right here in Tucson, also located downtown. At any rate attend the Tammies (you can always walk by the "Ronstadt Center" afterwards) and make sure you bring a camera as this is Tucson and the stars do come out at night around here! So take out a nice comfortable pair of jeans and go enjoy the music tonight.

The Desert cools down

     Can we get ready for a nice Winter? Or better yet can we bid ado to a horrible Summer? Even though this is the desert we can all agree the last 6  months have been hell to bear from a weather standpoint. It's been hot here in Tucson, real hot. But now it's September and we can expect the better side of weather in this town. Now going for a walk sounds a bit more plausible before 5 am. Labor Day came and went like that fast. At least it puts us in the Holiday mindset and few realize the hottest part of the year is over.So for fun things to do take a look at the website listed and click on a few pages. I have managed to find some really nice outings on the page for a a nice price as well. It offers a good heads up on major events as well as the chance to keep pace with the cities much smaller one's also ( which I think are lot more fun!) as they tend not to be published as much.
   Tucson is an active town it just moves around so you have to keep up. And don't forget to view the section on real Culinary & Nightlife Deals this section contains some very unique if not exotic eateries located right here in Tucson. The one thing that makes us different is our night life here. We seem to have a lot of activities here in town that don't start until after the sun sets. Another thing we have in town is a lot of Family oriented activities. As we are an overall family-based community this is very important in the cultivation of family life as we know it here in Tucson. So take a look...http://www.visittucson.org/

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