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Top Hops In Tucson - Best beer In Tucson

A good friend of mine is coming down from Minnesota to visit. He asked me if he would be able to enjoy his favorite import while here in Tucson?  So now I had a mission. Where in the peaceful confines of Tucson Arizona could he find his favorite Imported Brand if he could at all? I told him straight up this is the town to  come to if you want to get drunk. I went on to explain that we not only get drunk here we do it in certain ways. So let's focus on Beer.

1702 E Speedway Bl
Tucson, AZ

Namesake involved this place is nice in the fac that it carries BOTH Foreign and Domestic on tap. Which now a days is hard to find. What makes them exceptional is that they rotate the list so variety is key not to mention the Pizza is fabulous.

Dragoon Brewing Company
1859 W Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ

True local brewing this place has the best experience available in Tucson when it comes to a true Brewery experience. They have 7 tap rooms in which you can sample endless samples (get drunk). Make sure you eat because they don't have anywhere for you to eat. A few trucks pull up outside offering food for sale otherwise eat before you arrive.

Fox and Hound Smokehouse & Tavern
7625 N LaCholla BL
Tucson, AZ

An upscale Sports Bar of the highest caliber. I have to say I enjoyed myself to the utmost. The company was ultra-friendly and the atmosphere was more than friendly to say the least. Albeit I was the only West coast fan in the room it was still a nice atmosphere to be in.. I'd been wondering the whole time what made this place so different?  Then the barkeep leaned over and whispered... "You know we have over 100 Beers on tap?" I responded immediately in kind..."No i did not!" And together we took the next step as I established myself as well as my intentions, to sample them all! And as of today we are at No# 36 and continue move forward...

Glass Blowing - An Ancient Fire Art

A Brief History Of Fire Art

              Glassblowing is the art of creating glass sculptures by manipulating molten glass. Glassblowing was first developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. Since then, glass-blown products have become indispensable to daily life, as well as to scientific innovation, and glassblowing has emerged as a major art form. There are two types of glassblowing: lamp-working, which is done with a blowtorch, and off-hand, which works glass on the end of a hollow tube.
The "studio glass movement" began in 1962 when Harvey Littleton, a ceramics professor, and Dominick Labino, a chemist and engineer, held two workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art, during which they started experimenting with melting glass in a small furnace and creating blown glass art. Thus Littleton and Labino are credited with being the first to make molten glass available to artists working in private studios. This approach to glassblowing blossomed into a worldwide movement, producing such flamboyant and prolific artists as Dale Chihuly, Dante Marioni, Fritz Driesbach and Marvin Lipofsky. In 1971, Dale Chihuly began the Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, Washington. The Pilchuck School of Glass became the source of a great deal of the current American Studio Glass movement, and continues as such today. Gianni Toso was among the first Murano-trained artists to visit Pilchuck and share Italian technique in the United States. Lino Tagliapietra is another top Murano master who visited Pilchuck in the 70s during the growth of the studio glass movement and eventually establishing a second home in Seattle. Lino is acknowleged as one of the top masters alive today and through his generosity and openness about advanced Italian glassworking techniques has made profound contributions the glass world and influenced a multitude of American artists in the process.
Glassblowing is a form of art that requires lengthy training and intense concentration. In addition to glassblowing as an art, many individuals pursue glassblowing as a hobby. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America.
A local Glass Blower, located high in the desert of Tucson, Arizona is a very unique modern-day Glass Blowing company that goes by the name of Kine Glass. They offer a unique variety of assorted items all all created by a team of highly skilled professional Glass artist.I went to their website online at kline-glass.com ordered a few products myself a few days later I went in to pick them up. I figured the shop itself would be a very interesting place to just go and look around. And I was right there where so many beautifully designed pieces of glass of each shelf all beautiful in their own way. When I arrived the shop was a little crowded so I was able to window shop a little. I was approached very respectfully by a salesperson and told there be a small wait. I thanked her and continued to look at the pieces on display. . While I was there I got a chance to speak with the owner and I asked him what was the most important here at Kine Glass to both him and his team of artist. He answered without hesitation stating; " The single most important thing here at Kline Glass is by far our customer's satisfaction. We pride ourselves in satisfying the customer before, during and after the sale here at Kine Glass we prod ourselves on the great support we offer well after the purchase. We continue to provide our customers support on any of the items in our 16-Page (downloadable from the website). I also learned that they also take request for unique pieces as well as give them a call and let them make you something from your own creation.
Overall it turned out to be a very nice experience. The overall atmosphere was comfortable and the service was great. I came home and looked up a little about Glass Blowing as an Art and found this really nice video below that explains the art as well as the history of Glass Blowing. So take a quick look it's not too long and shows nice and clear.

The Pima Air & Space Museum - A Gem In The Desert

Pima Air & Space Museum 

The Pima Air & Space Museum features a display of nearly 300 aircraft spread out over 80 acres (320,000 m²) on a campus occupying 127 acres (610,000 m²). Located in Tucson, Arizona, it is one of the world's largest, non-government funded aerospace museums. It is also home since 1991 to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.
Opened to the public in May 1976 with 48 aircraft on display, the Museum's main hangar houses an SR-71A Blackbird, an A-10 Warthog, an Air Force Through the Years exhibit, and a mock-up of a control tower.
The museum is adjacent to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), affiliated with the base, also known as the "Graveyard of Planes" or "The Boneyard", is the largest aircraft storage and preservation facilities in the world. Bus tours of the boneyard leave from the museum several times a day from Monday to Friday, except Federal holidays.
The nearby Titan Missile Museum and Pima Air & Space Museum are over seen by the Arizona Aerospace Foundation and are governed by the Board of Trustees. They are non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on visitors paying admissions, for trams and AMARG tours, as well as what they spend in the Museum stores. Both Museums also rely on memberships and contracted events to pay to restore and acquire exibits. It is located south of Tucson in Green Valley off of Interstate 19 and features a Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile still in its silo. Tours of the above-ground and underground installations around the missile are conducted daily. More extensive "top to bottom" tours take up to five hours and are conducted several times each month. Reservations required for top to bottom tour.

Aquaponics 4 You™ is a digital program (Including Video Instructions) that shows you how to build your very own Aquaponic System at home.
This is the complete solution that you can provide to the increasing number of people looking for growing their own natural vegetables in their backyard or garden.

So take a look at this video and start growing your own! 

Live Tucson Life...Work From Home

Amanda Thompson - Guest Blogger

Upload Videos to YouTube And Cash In

         Hi my name is Amanda and I have lived here in Tucson, Arizonan for quite some time. I am a person with developmental disabilities I read his blog post often, especially for the nice in town research that s posted like the best dentist or doctor. I know that there are lots  you out there that read this blog as well that could use some help making the ends meet every month. Well the reason I asked to write a small piece was so that I could share with you something that really helped me by doing just that.
        About 3 months ago found a program that paid me to  Upload YouTube Videos . I mean thought since I couldn't do too much else due to my disability and I did spend a lot of time at home on the computer that it was something I could do within my limited means. So I read a couple of reviews on it and did a little research to boot. Turns out there are currently thousands of companies out there that have hundreds of thousands of videos that need to be uploaded. They range from promotional videos, training, advertisement and so many more.
        I thought it was going to be a lot of difficult code reading and writing which I didn't know anything about. So I called the company and received a very clear and concise explanation as well as a walk through on the functionality of the program as a whole. It turned out to be a lot easier to use than I had initially thought. It was a lot more like writing a blog than anything else. The program itself is very user friendly and a snap to set up and get going.
       I mean I know this isn't technically a Health issue but if you have the type of disability like I do where you really should not stress then finally being able to supplement your income to where you can actually meet your monthly obligations does in fact alleviate a lot of stress. Especially from home the work from home is a god send especially since my disability severely limits transportation for me. I've gotten it down to a nice rehearsed repetitive routine now which I can almost do in my sleep. The level of success really depends on you. I personally am not try to get rich so I found me a nice little niche and stayed there. You on the other hand may want to see how far you can go with the simple concept of Uploading Videos to YouTube And Cashing In 

      I am currently communicating with others in the program as we share secrets and tips and improve just how we do our jobs each day. I mean I love it since all it takes is a little self-discipline and fast Internet Connection. Everything is in-house, they even mail me my paychecks. So thanks for stopping by and I hope the info helped. Feel free to write a comment or two any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  

FYI - Below is the actual short little 53 Second video that got me interested in the beginning so take a look maybe you will get a better understanding. And please subscribe to this blog.