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Last...Friday Night Live At Pearson's Pub

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Friday Night Live At Pearson's Pub

Well it finally happened... The Band played their “Preview” live performance to a packed house and it was a blast! I learned of an entirely new drink called Fireball, Fire shooter something to that effect (shows just how effective they actually were)! I learned possibly of one pf the best cooks in Tucson as he made me the best Cheeseburger I've had in a while.

The actual performance went great with the music coming across nice and even throughout the Bar. The songs were nice and fresh with the live feel I soon realized why they did in fact bring their own equipment to play on, they knew it!  The Band did in fact play a nice mix of songs from several genres including Rock, Country and a little bit of Blues. The 3 Guitar set went really well with the “Super Set” of Drums being owned by Tony “The Animal” on every note. To me it all seems to come across as nice and tight with everyone in since...you could tell immediately that there was a lot of time and energy put into this band's performance, they took themselves seriously and so did everyone else in Pearson's Pub last night.

 I was introduce to the Fireballs, Fireshots @ $3 a pop. Apparently a Firetruck went by with a siren blaring and the Bartender announced “FireBall shots $3!!!, I was obviously was obligated, I mean this was Pearson's Pub they already had an existing reputation for fixing some of Tucson Best drinks. And I was here in person! I'd have to at least take a first hand account to write about, no since in taking anyone's word...right? So I ordered a couple, I was caught p in the moment the band was playing Sirens were blaring and the bartender was handing me liquor, I quickly forgot all about my “Biographer” discount and started swiping plastic.

The overall atmosphere within the bar itself was great, the outside was a really nice touch to the whole scene. As you could a t times simply go out and grab a breath of fresh air in between sets. Perhaps the the most interesting part of the night for me was the young lady I happened to sit next to and order my 1st drink. I found the Yellow shirt she was wearing most interesting for some reason and wanted to know why she wore it, so I asked her. I'm glad I did turns out she'd combined 2 of the most interesting professions into her own personal lifestyle, as a writer I'd hit the Jackpot in terms of interesting people with interesting personalities, This was Barb Nichols (see card) Tucson's only Game Show Host/DJ (see flyer) turns out in the all irony she's performing right here at Pearson's Pub tonight at 7 P.M. sharp! For more info click over to her website and take a look http://gotmusicentertainment.com/ .

***For a nice overall look at exactly what Barb does I suggest looking at her "About" page as it does a very nice thorough job of explaining  both her  and her services. To get a quick look at it simply CLICK HERE

She explained why she wore she the Yellow shirt, which quickly led to a trivia question now I was having fun (Alex Trebek, is one of my favorite people) which I got wrong (alcohol) but it generated a good laugh and we got to enjoy a nice drum solo by Tony “The Animal” that rocked the entire bar!!! and finally was kicking enough it even got a few people to get up and dance! The band was playing a good rhythm to a good crowd. there was food, drink and live music...seemingly there was no choice but to be merry! I took a few more trivia questions as I had a few more of these "Fire"  situations in the form of a Shot! I sat a while longer talking to Barb engaged in the most interesting of conversations and was even invited back tonight to partake in the Trivia Game Show scheduled to take place tonight, at Pearson's Pub. Apparently after the Trivia Game Show Barb is going into DJ "mode" and will then start Jammin' some tunes for us all to enjoy...So come on out tonight and participate in the Trivia Game Show meet Barb a truly awesome person, have some fun meet some new people and listen for a Siren in the process!!! And don't forget to leave room for a Cheeseburger, the cook is awesome!!! See you there tonight