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A Request For Professional Reference - Dr. John T Pellerito Internal Medicine

Dr. John T. Pellerito, MD, Internal Medicine

4462 E 5th Street

Tucson Arizona 85711

Phone: (520) 327 6676

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July 10, 2015 

A Request For Professional Reference

 The offices of Dr., John T Pellerito has come to a point where it would like to know if it has made a difference. It would to know from you, its own patients if it has in fact served the medical needs of our close-knit community successfully.

The good Doctor Pellerito ( and his staff ) would like to know if it has made a difference? Did we satisfy our patients? Did you get the professional treatment you deserved as a patient? Where you effectively diagnosed and treated? Would you recommend the Doctor's services? Take a moment or two and reflect back on your own personal interactions with the Doctor, the offices, and staff and provide a short letter of reference as a patient, it would be greatly appreciated in many ways and by so many people.

Feel free to use the office info listed above to submit a nice neat concise (typed/handwritten) letter of Reference (fax, mail, email) to us, it would be greatly appreciated throughout the office to know we did make a difference serving the communities medical needs as intended upon opening our doors.

Again thanks for any correspondence in regards to this matter.

The Offices Of John T Pellerito, MD,
Internal Medicine