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Tucson-Based Bands/Musicians wanted for local live shows

 Tucson-Based Bands/Musicians wanted for local live shows


As a local writer here in town of a local blog LIVETUCSONLIFE I come in regular contact with a lot of the local business owners namely bars and pubs. And while writing on most of the bars that featured live entertainment, I noticed something ironic...The bars had trouble finding local bands and musicians to play their stage(s) on a regular basis.

The managers and owners of most of the bars where willing to hire live music to give their bar a nice touch, more of a local feel. Only they had no where to go contact the local bands/musicians or get a taste/sample of their music.
So this is a call formally to local artist ready to perform. If you have a nice sound and would the opportunity to perform live on stage and would like more info e mail: thegoldentoken@gmail.com. Let us know just how unique your sound is and hopefully we can get you in a local Bar or Pub so that the rest of Tucson can have a chance to hear your one of a kind music, live!

Working with so many local Bands and Bars seems only natural to pair the 2 together. So contact us let us know what kind of music you play and just how loud you want to play it! Some of the bars have their own sound equipment while others may not. So having your own set up would be a big benefit indeed.

Tucson, the great city it is has a nice set run of entertainment venues from Thursday-Saturday where you can get a nice drink special and watch a good game. In Tucson we have a nice circuit of bars and pubs that open and close just when you need them to! From downtown clean out to Speedway we have a few places you can enjoy yourself and get a full night of entertainment. Some even have an actual cook on-staff making delicious burgers throughout the night.  Everything it seems is in place, except a nice solid circuit of local bands performing on an almost nightly basis all around town! So send some info and let's get this town the entertainment it needs...you! Let's get these Bars alive and hoping with fresh "LIVE" entertainment to which we can properly enjoy the "Drink Specials". 

*** FYI - Make sure you read the article below as well as BANDZOOGLE does offer a nice website for musicians...especially their budgets! FOR MORE INFO READ BELOW OR CLICK HERE!