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Tucsonans - Lets Look At Residential Solar Energy

Many would say we're the ideal town for any kind of residential technology whatsoever being we literally live in the Sunlight (what makes us Tucsonans) so let's take a look at look at what all the hoopla is over when it comes to Residential Energy...

Will Tucson Arizona Be A "Solar" City In 5 Years?

Energy From The Sky - Can we really get our energy from the sky...
instead of some utility company?

Free Power systems are devices and techniques that help you harness energy from the sky, or rather from free resources around you, so that you don't have to pay monthly electricity bills anymore. The devices help you generate usable electricity for your household indefinitely.
There are several methods available to generate electricity from free energy sources. The most popular focuses on three areas that have been proven to be efficient, reliable, and cost effective. Believe it or not, you can use the TV and Radio signals around you to generate electricity. These signals are primarily intended to carry information, but they possess electromagnetic energy that could be converted to electrical energy. Usable current electricity can be generated from static electricity. Radiant energy is always present in the atmosphere, day and night, in the form of solar radiation and cosmic rays. Tesla's Secret Device provides you appliances that help you harness these free sources of energy to generate electricity for your home.
However, you must keep in mind the dangerous nature of electricity. If not handled properly, electric devices and conductors can be fatal. It is recommended to follow the instructions precisely and with caution, or hire the services of a qualified professional in installing their devices. In fact, it would be better if you started installing small devices first to get the hang of it, before proceeding to a full scale installation to generate electricity for your entire household.
The concept of free energy is over a hundred years old, and free energy devices are being used by enthusiasts all over the world. A few devices that are considers the best choices, among this vast array of devices based on varying principles
Among the various users of free energy, is the inventor of floppy disk and other devices, Dr. Nakamat. The electricity for his entire huge house with over 30 guest rooms is generated using free energy devices, based on the principles of Nicola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter. Dr. Nakamat's free energy system is so efficient that after expending tremendous amount of electricity for the needs of his house, the system still generates electrical energy to be sold to the Tokyo Electric Power Company!

Tucson Summer - Swimming Fun In The Desert !

An above ground Intex 12 Foot X 30 Inch  Metal Frame Pool Set Less than $100 bucks!
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                             Yes Summer is coming and it seems to be coming fast as we already eat thru May quickly. We know the heat is coming! We can't stop it there's nothing we can do...except go swimming! Here in Tucson try and stay in a swimming pool for most if not all of the Summer. Since we tend to get up around 110-115 Degrees we try and stay in some kind of water whenever possible so we swim a lot or at least whenever possible! As you probably imagined pools are everywhere almost taken from granted, but seriously appreciated as they really do work here in Tucson!
                             As the Summer approaches I have noticed a lot more of the above-ground swimming pools. So I started looked around doing a little light research so to speak and found out the price had dropped substantially since last Summer and people were taking advantage of it! Turns out the average family-sized pool above ground at least took a sharp drop from an average of somewhere around $500 down to below $100 bucks! Along with the price drop it seems that due to possibly to some advance in technology who knows but the result was that assembly had also gotten much more easier as an added bonus!