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The Tucson Edge - A Local Copywriters Professional Opinion On A Local Publication

The Tucson Edge - The 2nd Issue 



The Tucson Edge

 A Tucson-Based Publication Promoting Local Artist, Events And Business

So one day last week I took my usual walk down to Catalina Market (2601 N. Columbus Bl) as I do several times a week to pick up few items ( they have great incense!) and hold a short conversation with the owner, Jay. I also pick up my usual copy of the Tucson Weekly and head on back home. Only this time when I went over to pick up a copy on my way out the door, there was another publication sitting on the stand right next to it...TheTucson Edge?

I asked Jay what was this “Edge” about? He told me it was something new and that I would enjoy it and suggested I take a copy home. Since it was in fact well within both my own budget and price range, free. I took a copy home.
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I sat and read my copy of The Tucson Edge, the second edition and I have to say it was exactly what I had been looking for...well written, highly researched nicely formatted info on the city, Tucson Arizona. Not just any info but relevant highly sought after info by Tucson's top 3 resident-types;
  1. Students – here via the U of A looking for the “big 3” Live Music, Good Food and stuff to do.
  2. Patients – In Tucson due to health condition(s) or Dr's orders seeking activities well within their “health” limitations and restrictions.
  3. Retirees – Essentially nothing but time on their hands (and a brand new Hybrid!)
The rest of us here seemingly fill in the blanks....

I mean I've actually heard stories of actual “Native Tucsonans”, people actually born and raised here? Although in my 30 plus years as a resident I personally have yet to see on? Everyone here is from somewhere else it seems as a Patient transfer, U of A Student, or a Retiree looking for some Sunshine.

* The rest of us are here because we got lost looking for Phoenix !

Back to me, what had me so impressed was both the knowledge of and access to Tucson's Independent Media! I personally had been looking for this info for a few weeks in hopes of strengthening distribution avenues, locally. And here it all was right here every single thing I'd been looking for, on a single page! The article did a great job of clearing up all of my questions and concerns in regards to “Tucson Independent Media” and even went on to clear up a few personal issue's as well. Like what really happened to Access Tucson...finally I know the truth. So much props and recognition to Julie Jennings Patterson for her Page 5 Article “Tucsonism” just what a local Copywriter needed...thanks Julie!

I went on reading The Tucson Edge, after earmarking the wealth of info I'd received from Julie back on page 5. I have to say I was really impressed at how each and every article was just long enough! Long enough to wholly satisfy my curiosities, retain my full attention. I loved it! As a fellow Copywriter I could clearly I was benefiting from the end result of some intense R&D in each article I read. I must say the publication does in fact do a good job of giving Tucson a nice sharp edge...at leas from an artistic perspective. 

I read the publication 3 times. I like how the pages flowed together somehow making the read a lot easier than most, a great transition from one subject to the next. In closing I would not only recommend the reading to most if not all Tucsonans, but also ask if you have any local advertising needs to please look towards the >The Tucson Edge< as an option. The local support would be greatly appreciated in kind. So the next time your at a local Circle K, put up a copy and read it, show local support....This is Tucson.

For More Info On How To Advertise With The Tucson Edge Contact info@thetucsonedge.com

A Request For Professional Reference - Dr. John T Pellerito Internal Medicine

Dr. John T. Pellerito, MD, Internal Medicine

4462 E 5th Street

Tucson Arizona 85711

Phone: (520) 327 6676

Fax: (520) 327 1965

July 10, 2015 

A Request For Professional Reference

 The offices of Dr., John T Pellerito has come to a point where it would like to know if it has made a difference. It would to know from you, its own patients if it has in fact served the medical needs of our close-knit community successfully.

The good Doctor Pellerito ( and his staff ) would like to know if it has made a difference? Did we satisfy our patients? Did you get the professional treatment you deserved as a patient? Where you effectively diagnosed and treated? Would you recommend the Doctor's services? Take a moment or two and reflect back on your own personal interactions with the Doctor, the offices, and staff and provide a short letter of reference as a patient, it would be greatly appreciated in many ways and by so many people.

Feel free to use the office info listed above to submit a nice neat concise (typed/handwritten) letter of Reference (fax, mail, email) to us, it would be greatly appreciated throughout the office to know we did make a difference serving the communities medical needs as intended upon opening our doors.

Again thanks for any correspondence in regards to this matter.

The Offices Of John T Pellerito, MD,
Internal Medicine

Tucsonans - Lets Look At Residential Solar Energy

Many would say we're the ideal town for any kind of residential technology whatsoever being we literally live in the Sunlight (what makes us Tucsonans) so let's take a look at look at what all the hoopla is over when it comes to Residential Energy...

Will Tucson Arizona Be A "Solar" City In 5 Years?

Energy From The Sky - Can we really get our energy from the sky...
instead of some utility company?

Free Power systems are devices and techniques that help you harness energy from the sky, or rather from free resources around you, so that you don't have to pay monthly electricity bills anymore. The devices help you generate usable electricity for your household indefinitely.
There are several methods available to generate electricity from free energy sources. The most popular focuses on three areas that have been proven to be efficient, reliable, and cost effective. Believe it or not, you can use the TV and Radio signals around you to generate electricity. These signals are primarily intended to carry information, but they possess electromagnetic energy that could be converted to electrical energy. Usable current electricity can be generated from static electricity. Radiant energy is always present in the atmosphere, day and night, in the form of solar radiation and cosmic rays. Tesla's Secret Device provides you appliances that help you harness these free sources of energy to generate electricity for your home.
However, you must keep in mind the dangerous nature of electricity. If not handled properly, electric devices and conductors can be fatal. It is recommended to follow the instructions precisely and with caution, or hire the services of a qualified professional in installing their devices. In fact, it would be better if you started installing small devices first to get the hang of it, before proceeding to a full scale installation to generate electricity for your entire household.
The concept of free energy is over a hundred years old, and free energy devices are being used by enthusiasts all over the world. A few devices that are considers the best choices, among this vast array of devices based on varying principles
Among the various users of free energy, is the inventor of floppy disk and other devices, Dr. Nakamat. The electricity for his entire huge house with over 30 guest rooms is generated using free energy devices, based on the principles of Nicola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter. Dr. Nakamat's free energy system is so efficient that after expending tremendous amount of electricity for the needs of his house, the system still generates electrical energy to be sold to the Tokyo Electric Power Company!

Tucson Summer - Swimming Fun In The Desert !

An above ground Intex 12 Foot X 30 Inch  Metal Frame Pool Set Less than $100 bucks!
Deal of the day on Amazon! CLICK HERE for more info! 

                             Yes Summer is coming and it seems to be coming fast as we already eat thru May quickly. We know the heat is coming! We can't stop it there's nothing we can do...except go swimming! Here in Tucson try and stay in a swimming pool for most if not all of the Summer. Since we tend to get up around 110-115 Degrees we try and stay in some kind of water whenever possible so we swim a lot or at least whenever possible! As you probably imagined pools are everywhere almost taken from granted, but seriously appreciated as they really do work here in Tucson!
                             As the Summer approaches I have noticed a lot more of the above-ground swimming pools. So I started looked around doing a little light research so to speak and found out the price had dropped substantially since last Summer and people were taking advantage of it! Turns out the average family-sized pool above ground at least took a sharp drop from an average of somewhere around $500 down to below $100 bucks! Along with the price drop it seems that due to possibly to some advance in technology who knows but the result was that assembly had also gotten much more easier as an added bonus!

Attention Arizona Drivers Read This Right Now!

Why Did No One Tell Arizona Drivers About This?

(Auto Insights) – Do Not Pay Your Car Insurance Bill Until You Read This…
This is the one simple truth your car insurance company doesn’t want you to know. If you are currently insured, drive less than 40 miles per day and live in a qualified zip code you can get an extremely high discount. Additionally, if you have no DUI’s, you can get even more discounts. But do you think your auto insurance company will tell you that? When drivers enter their zip code and vehicle information at Insure.com, many are shocked at the results they find. We weren’t surprised when we got questions from drivers if these rates are real. The truth is people say it‘s possible to save up to 50% on their car insurance costs and some say they were eligible for rates as low as $13/week due to recent insurance policy changes. When we heard about these claims, we decided to investigate it for ourselves.
Dale Boggs set out to test these types of comparison services and after a few days of research what he found was very exciting. Dale discovered that not only were these claims true, but that he ended up saving over $1,200 per year when compared to what he was previously paying. That’s a 64% savings when compared to his currently policy. We also found that many other people are indeed able to save similar amounts.
So, what is the “One Simple Rule?” NEVER buy insurance without comparing all of the discounts available to you through an unbiased source. Are overpaying for your auto insurance policy? Our research indicates that many people are being misled by their current insurance carriers into thinking that they are paying a fair rate when in fact it could be their insurance agents are intentionally keeping the lowest prices from customers in order to charge more money. When one of our team members confronted their previous insurance agent about this, they were told that “because there are so many options, I didn’t have a chance to tell you about the all of them.” Yeah, right.
You are NOT locked into your current policy. If you pre-paid for your current policy you can cancel it and get back the balance of your pre-paid amount.
What most people don’t realize is an insurance agent typically makes money off of the policies they sell, so the higher the premium the more they can get paid. Thankfully, smart drivers have found out how to drastically cut their insurance bill by using online tools to get unbiased quotes.
With average savings of 32%, it’s no wonder services like these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that Insure.com is one of the most trusted and highly effective online tools to provide consumers with lower insurance rates. We thank Insure.com for providing such an amazing service with an honest effort to save money for families across America. If you would like to receive the benefits of this free tool click here. Then just enter your zip code to begin. Once you answer a few quick questions, you will have the opportunity to click on the best carrier quotes based on your personal profile.

Upscale Tucson Retreat Loews Ventana Canyon Recently Acquires Landmark Resort

Loews Ventana Canyon Recently Acquires Landmark Resort 

Renovations Soon To Come

If you ever come to Tucson be sure and visit one of our main attractions Loews Ventana Canyon and Resort. One of Tucson most well-known attraction tucked nicely in the 7000 Block of resort Drive it offers a variety of get a ways from the grinds and procedures of everyday life. properly titled a Resort Loews is indeed the perfect get a way and re-adjustment for almost anyone. Read just how they plan to make a little better here this coming Summer...
***Tucson Biz 2015...
***Loews Hotels & Resorts Purchases Loews Ventana Canyon Resort: 
Acquisition to incorporate a multi-million dollar redesign Loews Hotels & Resorts, an entirely claimed backup of Loews Corporation, reported that the organization finished the buy of the of the 398-room Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, which has been overseen by Loews Hotels since its opening in December 1984. Tucson's Estes family will hold a minority possession position in the resort.

Situated in the Catalina Mountain run in the Sonoran Desert, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort has been very respected by local people, visitors and meeting organizers since its commencement, getting various honors and awards. Starting in 2015, the resort will experience a noteworthy redesign to improve the general visitor experience and keep up its vicinity in the Tucson commercial center.

The 398-guestroom Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson is a warm climate, nature significant other's heaven that offers a bit of something for everybody. From our wonderful Window Walk nature trail and speedy access to Ventana Trail and Sabino Canyon for trekking to our 80-foot common waterfall, 36 gaps of Tom Fazio golf and recompense winning Lakeside Spa, visitors can encounter unwinding and experience all in one spot. Appreciate upscale, local food with a perspective at the Flying V Bar & Grill

The Lodge at Ventana Canyon: Multi-million dollar, multi-eliminate redesign planned to move all through 2015, starting Q1. The Lodge at Ventana Canyon, declared the first period of the property's multi-million dollar remodel set to finish in Q1 of 2015. This first period of redesign will upgrade each of the 40 one-room suites, while the second and third stage will presentation redid eating ranges, a pool and Jacuzzi spa, and an extended Golf House and Golf Academy.

The remodels will start with new furniture, bathrooms and kitchens in every one of the 40 one-room 800 square feet King Suites. Amid stage two of the remodel, the property's prevalent eating territory, the Ventana Bar, will be totally redone to highlight indoor/outside porch seating confronting the flawless Catalina Mountains. The formal eating and meal space, the Catalina and Sabino Rooms, will likewise get a crisp, new look. The Lodge will likewise disclose a fresh out of the box new shoreline passage resort-style pool and Jacuzzi spa, ideal for all ages. The third stage will make a big appearance an extended Golf House and Golf Academy.

The all-suite property as of late finished a remodel to the regular territories, including the anteroom, wellness focus, porches and a segment of the grounds. This included both honor winning Tom Fazio planned fairways, the playing surface on every one of the 12 tennis courts, and revamping the 600-seat stadium court and locker rooms.

To supplement the remodel, the Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club will keep on offerring chief administrations and courtesies to individuals that fit all ways of life. With an emphasis on more youthful families and experts, The Club will coddle local people and enthusiastic golfers close and far, giving individuals complete access to the broad and redesigned offices on property.

Situated in the private wealthy group of Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Ariz. – only 30 minutes from the Tucson International Airport, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon is a debut destination for both out of state visitors and local people.
Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort


Desert Palms Adorn Tohono Chul. Palm species that are local to the Sonoran Desert are the center of the new Desert Palm Oasis garden at Tohono Chul Park, perceived as one of the world's incredible herbal greenery enclosures. The new garden consolidates brahea, sabal and Washingtonia palms - generally discovered segregated in limited gulleys along the bank of the Sea of Cortez close Guaymas, Mexico - with other local plants of these ravines, for example, rock fig and Nacapule jasmine,along with a spring-encouraged stream that will bolster a populace of imperiled local fish. Guests have a chance to find the excellence and rich biodiversity of this uncommon Sonoran Desert living space. tohonochulpark.org.

Tasting Tucson's History. A gathering of volunteers is resuscitating Tucson's old horticultural legacy by reproducing the Spanish provincial walled-garden that was a piece of the mission known as Tucson's origin. The Mission Garden is growing as a valid, verifiably precise living horticultural exhibition hall. Treasure plants and living Timeline Gardens translate 4,000 years of Tucson farming, the longest-known history of development in the United States. The greenhouse is loaded with downpour nourished, Native American summer crops. The plantation of legacy trees was proliferated with cultivars presented by evangelists, and antiquated mixed bags of corn and beans are developing in the Early Agricultural Area. The greenhouse is interested in guests on Saturday mornings. tucsonsbirthplace.org


Notah Begay Golf Course Opens. More than 30,000 Sonoran Desert blossoms, desert plants and other local plants have been joined into finishing at Sewailo Golf Club, Tucson's freshest green, that opened in December 2013 at Casino Del Sol Resort, an undertaking of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. Sewailo, signifying "bloom world" in the Pascua Yaqui dialect, was composed by Notah Begay III, a Native American PGA Tour player and Golf Channel reporter. The 200-section of land green measures 7,400 yards from the title tees and highlights five diverse tee boxes at every opening. Moving fairways and greens supplement almost 14 sections of land of lakes, streams and water highlights. Sewailo Golf Club is interested in gambling club resort visitors and people in general. sewailogolfclub.com.

Westin La Paloma Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. The fortifications and greens of each of the 27 openings of La Paloma Country Club's Jack Nicklaus Signature outline have been restored as a component of a $600,000 improvement venture. The fortifications on the resort's three honor winning courses highlight white sand imported from San Juan Capistrano, California and smaller than expected verde Bermuda grass, sourced from Casa Grande, Arizona. The course improvements will permit consistency of play from shelter to fortification and green to green. The La Paloma Country Club fairway is just open to the private participation and visitors staying at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa. westinlapalomaresort.c

$50M Endowment To U Of Arizona From Haury Estate to Focus on Environment, Society and Southwest

The University of Arizona will make a system concentrated on environment, society and the Southwest because of a noteworthy gift made to the University of Arizona Foundation for the advantage of the UA.

Esteemed at more than $50 million, the blessing is one of the biggest in the historical backdrop of the establishment and the University, and pushes the $1.5 billion Arizona NOW raising support battle past the billion-dollar edge. The blessing originates from the domain of Agnese Nelms Haury, a devoted giver who passed away on March 20 at 90 years old. It was formally declared on Sept. 19.

Haury's blessing will bolster exploratory and social studies established in the earth and social equity, particularly in the American Southwest. Agnese Haury – who was the dowager of famous UA teacher Emil W. Haury, who headed what was then the Department of Anthropology – had long been worried about the basic difficulties confronting the planet and its people groups, including the protection and comprehension of esteemed societies, biological systems and scenes; human rights and universal relations; ecological change; and issues confronting migrants and indigenous people groups.

Amid her life, Haury created significant associations with UA analysts and understudies who imparted her interests. She voyaged overall while inquiring about and composing for the United Nations, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and different associations. She likewise took part in archeological research and unearthings in the U.S. what's more, over the world, including Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Israel, France, Jordan, Mexico, China, Turkey and Mongolia.

As the originator and president of the Agnese N. Lindley Foundation, she subsidized numerous various activities, looking to accomplish the best conceivable effect and to backing those whose work would deliver noteworthy and enduring impacts. Her generosity stretched out from the protection of social curios and biodiversity to the backing of human rights for settlers and Native Americans.

The liberal blessing drove UA pioneers, workforce and supporters to outline an arrangement of activities that connection Haury's past backing for the University to new, universitywide speculations that respect her life and hobbies. These activities will address issues, for example, collaboration in an inexorably worldwide and interconnected world, particularly where there are developing dangers of natural change and the loss of regular and social differences. (A rundown of the endeavors that will be a piece of the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice can be found beneath.)

"This blessing to the University of Arizona will be transformative," UA President Ann Weaver Hart told a get-together collected for the declaration. "It won't just bolster colleagues, researchers, seats and staff, and their undertakings, however it will have a worldwide effect. Agnese imagined her blessing as far as overall compass.

"Agnese had this vision quite a while prior, and our scholastic arrangement, called Never Settle, is caught in this blessing. This blessing will live long after everybody in this room is gone. They will know of the Haury blessing."

Joaquin Ruiz, dignitary of the College of Science, portrayed Haury as "a stunning individual that I was lucky to get the opportunity to know while arranging the new tree-ring building, which she likewise subsidized. She was benevolent, sympathetic and exceptionally brilliant. This huge gift will reserve programs she energetically thought about. It will make an environment of action that will have any kind of effect around the world."

The senior member of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, John Paul Jones III, commented that "Mrs. Haury's blessing will have a transformative impact on the UA's ability to react in significant and impactful approaches to probably the most vital difficulties confronting the planet and its people groups."

Key Philanthropy

Haury comprehended the significance of a world-class college, and as an altruist she deliberately put her cash in exploration and grant. She appreciated researchers and social specialists who were excellent in their fields as well as talented at joining with the general population, and she considered hands on work to be the foundation of fruitful scholarly request. She bolstered graduate understudy grants and scholarly associations with the comprehension that building fruitful and top-positioned projects relies on upon drawing in the brightest and most encouraging ability, maintaining their work after some time, and cultivating the up and coming era of extraordinary personalities. Haury's vision was universal in extension, and she perceived the significance of worldwide participation and coordinated effort.

Diana Liverman, who co-coordinates the UA's Institute of the Environment, which will help facilitate the program's focused grants, thought about the convenience and enduring effect of the blessing: "It blows my mind to see such extraordinary liberality. This blessing will bolster take a shot at environment and social equity that is basic to a manageable and just future and where the University of Arizona can be a worldwide pioneer in grant, showing and effort."

Individual companions of Haury talk all around of her insight and honest nature; she was known to be profoundly caring with a humanistic point of view. She once in a while burned through cash on herself but to fill her home with adored accumulations of Native American mats, stoneware and work of art. She thought profoundly about issues of social equity, and felt environmental change justified more consideration. Very much voyaged, exceedingly taught, dynamic and cosmopolitan, she developed to be close and individual companions with various UA staff and staff who imparted her perspective.

"She was remarkably rational with no show about her at all," said David Yetman, a scholarly master on Sonora, Mexico, and a specialist in the UA's Southwest Center in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Yetman's work was bolstered by Haury and the two developed to be companions through the years.

"Agnese did not care for shrinking away from the issue. She was extremely plain," Yetman said. "On the off chance that there's one thing that slices through every last bit of her altruism, its that she got a kick out of the chance to bolster work that had any kind of effect to individuals, that helped specialists to a degree nontraditionally however dependably with an eye on having any kind of effect on the planet."

Prior to her passing, Haury had guided her counselors to circulate her trust domain to beneficent associations that would bear on the reasons and reasons that she bolstered amid her lifetime. Those consultants – Tammy Barnett, Greg Gadarian and Mary Mangotich Grier – chose the UA and the UA Foundation for execution of a project concentrated on nature, Southwest culture, human rights and social equity.

"Agnese Haury was a faithful companion and tutor with a talent for growing skylines," Mangotich Grier said. "She helped numerous more youthful persons, including me, to become by and by and professionally. I was propelled by the illustration of Mrs. Haury's battle against foul play and ill-use of force, and by her liberal altruism. I was enchanted by her companionship."

A World Traveler Who Called Tucson Home

Brought up in Houston, Haury held a pledge to her Southwestern beginnings while likewise creating global intrigues, mulling over and after that living abroad. She went to the Lycée de Jeunes Filles in Fontainebleau, France, and Bryn Mawr College, a prestigious ladies' aesthetic sciences school in Pennsylvania. Working for the Carnegie Endowment, she flew out to nations including Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Libya and Burma, and created significant reports on the Indigenous people groups of the Andes.

She wedded Manice deForest Lockwood III and they moved to Tucson in 1965. She later wedded Denver Lindley, and was widowed in 1982. In 1990, she wedded long-term companion Emil W. Haury, an incredibly famous power on the Indigenous people groups of the Southwest and executive of the Arizona State Museum. He was the first UA educator to be named to the National Academy of Sciences and among the employees instrumental in the arrangement of the University of Arizona Press in 1959. Emil W. Haury worked nearly with tree-ring analysts to remake the ecological history around key archeological locales.

Tom Swetnam, chief of the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, noticed that "Agnese was a stunning individual. She knew the world from broad voyages and colossal encounters in worldwide issues, strategy, mollification, social equity, news coverage, paleohistory, altruism and numerous different attempts. She was one of the most astute individuals I have known."

Legacy of Giving

Haury's humanitarian endowments were made discreetly yet conveyed considerable effect.

She offered liberally to the School of Anthropology and toward the Southwest Center. Her $9 million commitment helped form another best in class research facility for the UA's leader program in the investigation of dendrochronology. The Bryant Banister Tree-Ring Building – named after her companion, tree-ring researcher and previous executive of the research facility – opened in March 2013.

Haury likewise helped create various graduate grants to bolster understudies in a scope of scholarly projects, and a curatorial project at the Arizona State Museum to acquire researchers for two-year cooperations. She subsidized different tasks identifying with human rights, including stipends to the UA James E. Rogers College of Law in backing of the school and the Immigration Law Clinic. With her backing, the UA additionally settled the Agnese Haury Institutes for Interpretation, home of the longest-running escalated Spanish-English translator preparing program in the United States.

In 1999, the UA granted Agnese Haury a privileged Doctorate of Humane Letters.

A Transformative Gift

The Haury blessing is planned to build an enrichment that will be utilized to bolster projects and exercises including:

Prestigious and focused residencies, associations and temporary positions

Critical thinki

Raytheon Equals Economic Expansion But At What Cost

Last October Raytheon Missile Systems president Taylor Lawrence spoke at the Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc. (TREO) here in Tucson. 

As threats to national and global security continue to increase, Raytheon Missile Systems president, Taylor Lawrence, said it’s important Southern Arizona’s largest employer continues to have the opportunity to grow.

Lawrence was the guest speaker for the Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities Inc. (TREO) luncheon held at the Hilton El Conquistador in Oro Valley on Oct. 9.

Lawrence stressed that Raytheon is currently the world leader in missile production and technology, while noting that the company’s expansion in states like Alabama has happened because of the buffer zones required for testing.

Answering a question from the audience, Lawrence said the Tucson facility couldn’t increase because there is a lack of “buffer” space, which means they are in need of more land. Instead, in 2010, Raytheon invested $75 million factory in Huntsville, Alabama.

In Tucson, Raytheon currently operates with just over four million square feet.

While the Pima County Board of Supervisors is working with Raytheon, Lawrence said they are constantly improving technology to address because the constant threat against the U.S., such as terrorist groups like Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is constantly evolving.

More specifically, Lawrence pointed to Raytheon’s continued work on the Tomahawk missile, which has become more advanced and has recently been used in the ordered air strikes against ISIS.

“The Tomahawk is a modern marvel made right here in Tucson,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the Tucson operations play a pivotal role in national security, noting that as enemies evolve in technology, so does the U.S. in planning to protect itself.

To meet Raytheon needs, Lawrence said as a nation, improvements need to be made in teaching math and science to American students. The U.S. is continually falling behind other countries in these two key areas that are required to created the advanced technology to keep the U.S. and its allies safe.

Lawrence said while Raytheon is a national program, many of its engineers are still coming from the University of Arizona.

Nationwide, Raytheon employs 63,000.

Improving as a nation and state

At the state level, Lawrence told the several hundred in attendance that the economy will not improve in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona if the state Legislature continues to discriminate.

Lawrence encouraged the audience to speak up when the legislature is working to pass bills such as SB 1070 or SB 1062.

“You must send a strong message to the state legislature to stop passing discriminatory bills,” he said. “Today, we are competing in the global economy and these measures make it tough.”

TREO message

Before introducing Lawrence to the stage, TREO CEO Joe Snell spoke briefly about the Tucson economy.

Snell said with the recession’s lingering effects, life in Southern Arizona has been hard for residents and business owners.

As an organization, Snell said TREO has been spending more money to be aggressive and has assisted more companies than ever, especially those working to expand.

To continue efforts to recruit businesses to come to Southern Arizona, Snell said the community must come together in supporting infrastructure improvements to local highways and roads and in working to assure that Tucson has a pro-business environment.