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Things To Do In Tucson Arizona

    I was recently challenged to find 100 things to do here in Tucson. Initially at first sight it seemed like a an almost impossible task. But upon closer inspection I found things here were well-hidden yet they did qualify. So over the next few post I will be showcasing our cities many activities not sure if I will make it to 100 but trying is most of the fun! So stay tuned over the next few months while "Tucson Life" is showcased.
      The Pima Air and Space Museum is considered the most unique museum in the world as it contains planes found no where in the world. The actual tour itself is awesome as you get to go through history while looking at the mammoth planes as they stand silent, tour of duty served. truly 100 years of aviation history all under one roof. One of the most unique aspects of the museum is the fact that it also contains Spacecraft as well as mere aircraft. The museum has multiple exhibits both inside and out yet each one is unique and in it's own way special. There are planes here that are very rare and may not be available any where else in the world!
     A personal favorite is Hanger 3 WW2, aircraft in there are phenomenal to say the least. The fact that most where to this day still in mint condition after so long really makes the experience special. It is good to go back every once and awhile and see how America was built. What it took for us to be Americans all the traditions, sacrifices and history seemed to be contained here in Hanger 3 as you can plainly see what we had to fight with and we already know what we had to fight for. This is the only place I can get a up close and personal look at my favorite of all Aircraft, the SR71 Blackbird. They have one in the first hanger and it looks incredible! So go take a look at a part of our Aviation history and hopefully learn and appreciate our heritage as Americans as well as what it took to get us here.

Adults $15.50
Pima Co. Residents $12.75
Seniors $12.75
Children $ 9.00
Children 6 & under  Free
AMARG* $ 7.00
Group Rate $13.50

Tucson Dentist

Where Can I  Get Good Dental Work In Tucson 

    As a citizen of Tucson I have been fortunate over the last 25 years to have 2 great Dentist here in town. So found 5 great Dental Offices here in Tucson. They're in no order of importance just useful information for anyone that can use it. So lets get started...

Pueblo Dental Center
1000 N Silverbell Rd
(520) 624-7514

      An excellent overall faculty. Very professional as well as informative they use state of the art equipment and have a highly trained staff of assistants. In the office are two highly trained veteran Dentist. And they make a courtesy call the day before your appointment.

Perfect Teeth
6126 E Speedway Bl
(520) 289-2379

     A winner in name alone I've always thought, a great name. Located on the east side of Tucson this office seems to be able to take care of all your dental needs. They offer
> Orthodontics
> Oral Surgery
> Periodontics
And so many more supporting and post procedures. Perfect Teeth promised to take care of their patients before, during and after their office visit. Hopefully you will visit their state of the art office managed by a kind experienced staff. Perfect Teeth also offers Emergency Care. The resident Dentist, Dr. Charles Pick himself is a kind patient professional that takes the time explain procedures and answer any questions a patient may have.

Western Dental
7701 E Broadway Bl
(520) 704-6755
(520) 704-6167 Braces

    For more of a family Dentist I would go with Western Dental as they have an array of services that extend to cover the entire family. From Braces for the children to Dental Implants for the parents as well. One of the things I liked about them was that they accepted the plans of almost all major Dental insurers! And the areas that may not have been covered in the plan they were more than willing to discuss a 0% payment plan for the remainder. How they manage to charge no interest in a time when there's literally a charge, fee, deposit or tax on nearly everything we do today. And on top of that their list of services offered was quite impressive. Very thorough and complete it including services such as:
> Digital X-Rays
> Check Ups
> Cleanings
> White Fillings
> Extractions
> Braces Clear and Colored
> Dental Implants
> Cosmetic Dentistry
> Specialty Dentistry
> 1 Hour Zoom Whitening
> Invisalign - Alternative To Braces
> Porcelain Crowns
    A great all in one place for all your Dental needs

Dental Village
5209 N Oracle Rd
(520) 704-6706

   Dental village has a nice slogan "We'll make you smile" which means they have to do some good work for it show. especially to the point you can't stop smiling, anyway. Location was a big plus for Dental Village as they have 8 locations alone here in Tucson. Although they have a few locations they are still family owned and operated not some heartless corporation. They were one of the first that addressed my anxieties (as they put it) about Dental work. I like most people had this incorrect preconceived notion about the Dentist. The one were he's has a pair of rusty pliers and no anesthesia. Fortunately at Dental Village they did a great job of explaining the procedures (as well as the options for pain) to the point where I was maybe for the first time comfortable in a Dentist office. They welcomed a host of Major Dental insurers  as well the one service I noticed being offered here was called "Oral Cancer  Screenings" I found that to be one of the most important  test we could take health wise. It yielded a lot of very useful information which I still utilize today. So be sure and get your Oral Cancer Screening soon.

South West Dental Group
2934 W Ina Rd
(520) 216-4201

   Southwest Dental group has a nice complete website complete with all relevant facts and questions that would possibly be asked prior to an appointment. They also have multi-locations to better serve you either here or in Phoenix. The staff is very patient and knowledgeable. They're also a family oriented Dentistry with a full range of services that includes every family member. And maybe best of all they have a way to save 15-60% right on the front of their webpage! Another thing I did appreciate was their front page patient reviews. It is comforting to hear testimony from someone that has went through a similar procedure as the one your about to undergo.

    So there you have Dental needs addressed any of these 5 Dentist are more than able to handle any range of  Dental issues. So make sure if your here in town to look at this list of Dentist. Let's make sure you get the treatment available. This is Tucson everything done here is A-1.

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Tucson Arizona

Tucson Arizona

                  Well since we all know that people primarily move here for 1 of  3 reasons to go to school, go on vacation or go into retirement. I decided to create a blog that would help us all as both new and seasoned residents of Tucson. I will dedicate this blog to showing the world the best that Tucson has to offer. I will highlight such areas as our world famous health care system, currently leading the nation in Cancer research. We also offer top notch education with one of the worlds most prestigious schools The University of Arizona right here as well as dozens of other Career specific institutions, City and Community colleges, post training academies and so much more. Retirement you ask, why does everyone come here to retire? easy answer one word, weather. hand down we have the nations best weather (on average) as we see the most sunny days by far here in Tucson. We have a few Summer months that can get heated but for the trade off, no humidity I'm for one okay with the heat. To me its more cleansing than anything else and like everything else after a while you get used to it. So I'm going to do the best I can to point out the best qualities of a one of a kind town, Tucson. So stay posted right here as this is the official guide for the city. This blog will highlight the best the city has to offer in all areas such as entertainment, housing, medical services, business services, transportation and so much more. Whether here on a short vacation or retired indefinitely this blog will not only help you learn Tucson but more importantly it will help you understand it.

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Welcome Back

     It's been a while since we spoke. Luckily Tucson has only gotten better with age. We had a exceptionally nice Winter of 2012. And now we are in a nice mellow springtime Kite weather. So where are all of the children. The way the wind is blowing these days i thought I would see kids everywhere holding kite strings? April, especially here since this is one of the few months you can enjoy as far as weather is concerned.So I asked a few people while I was out and about. I was surprised to learn that that unanimously almost everyone I asked told me that kids today were sitting on a couch playing video games. Are they really all sitting in front of a TV playing video games? And if so what what happened? I thought the plan was to get away from the house. Times have indeed changed alot I guess. When I was a teen being a home classified you as a square. Back then the whole point of being a teen was to find a plac to hang out. preferably free like parks or beaches since none of us had cash. I guess times do change and we simply have to keep up.