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Club Crawl is coming! Are you ready!

       Tucson's very own Club Crawl an event unique to our town as 25 bands of live music go on simultaneously in downtown Tucson as well as 4th Ave. Most even producers will be blocking off streets and working with music venues and restaurants all along the entertainment districts of Congress Street and 4th Ave to present Tucson's largest music festival. This weekend should be one to remember as the club crawl of all club crawls! So make sure your there!

Country Club Gardens Apartments - A Community within a Community

                   I recently visited Country Club Gardens Apartments located at 3202 North Country Club Road, this complex just happens to be one of the better centrally one's here in town. For a person that seldom drives this is an important feature To have access to main transit lines. My objective was to find out the pulse of the community so to speak. I was pleasantly greeted by the Manager and informed thoroughly of the features and benefits of the property. I was given a price listing for each unit as well as the require that needed to be met. I found to my surprise that they were in fact pet friendly a feature that is getting harder and harder to find in multi-housing. As I walked the grounds the private balconies began to gain my attention more and more. After a minute or two I realized the uniqueness of them. For the first time I saw a private balcony as a luxury. The apartments themselves had a very open and accessible floor plan. Closet space I found to be adequate as well as the living quarters.  The few residents that I did cross paths with seemed pleasant and courteous for the most part. Parking was adequate to the point of having a choice of covered or uncovered another fast leaving amenity in the multi-housing communities. The one thing I personally appreciated was the tree's, yes the tree's there was a lot of trees on the property which created a lot of shade! I thought finally someone stood up to the Arizona Sun. The trees allow for entire sections to be shaded for the whole day. Overall I personally liked the community and would in fact recommend it to friends, family and winter birds alike. The best part about it is that you don't have to take my word for it! Call and schedule your appointment! The manager would be more that happy to grant you own personal tour FOR MORE INFO CALL... 520-327-0886.