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The winter of 2012-2013 in Tucson, AZ

The winter of 2012-2013 in Tucson, AZ

I must say that to have been here for the winter of the this year was truly something special. As I have been here personally for 2 decades and have never seen all of the circumstances come together as they did here over the last 6 months. Right here in Tucson. I mean the weather was more than perfect if possible as everyday seemingly went along with the flow of the city. I mean if it needed to rain it did if it didn't it didn't. The town itself has always had an amazing business attitude. Yet somehow this year we managed to outdo ourselves even in that area as well. You see this was the best Christmas season we have had here in close to 3 decades (don't ask how I know just trust me!). As there is no reason to question success no one really knows why such an exceptional season right here in Tucson. In a nutshell the price was right and so many of us was willing to pay for what we wanted that the market balance out!
The winter birds as always was cool as a fan. They come here every year and bring such a nice mix of culture and diversity to the desert. Share with us culture from all over the United States, saving us the trip! Ironically it all works out perfect as we can tolerate the the birds in the winter because the weather is so much cooler and they go home for the Summer honestly. As a true Tucson-an you already know we need the town to ourselves in the Summertime, period no excuses.
The traffic here in Tucson has been fluid, non- stop absolutely perfect. I do not understand but as I said earlier I will not question extreme success in any area. All drivers here both local and visiting are always courteous and professional. I personally have not been late for an appointment in over 6 months! This is Tucson, Arizona and we like it here. We like it because we know that there is no other place like it on Earth. The factors that make up the town exist no where else. The uniqueness of the year combined with the exquisiteness of the season made for an exceptional 6 months this past. My optimism can only expect more for the next 6!
This was 2012-2013 and it was one of the best years I personally have ever spent here in Tucson I really can't place a finger on it. It just seemed as though everything went as it was supposed to. The irony is that most of the changes I underwent tool place within me. As I benefited from such a unique set of surroundings such as our unique desert back drop. I realized more and more about me. I truly have a better understanding of many more things as the seasons change into a warmer climate. The question could always be posed as a paradox meaning did I learn about the town or did I learn about myself in the process of understanding the town...

Tucson don't come here halfway, this town is for real!

FYI - 62% of the people that pass through here... never make it out alive! Just remember that! The desert! 


I need some feedback on this...

Is how life is really lived

Yes! The last moment matters!

It is really all you have to give...


You have the ball and you will take the last the last shot

Do you feel justified?

Have you given this game all you've got?

Since this is honestly and truthfully how life is really lived...


The truth about pressure is that only the last few seconds matter

Spontaneous combustion culminates to a point and we as humans have to react

This in itself creates the scenario when...

Only a few seconds remain and you have the game in your hands

This has nothing to do with luck, it is pre-determined, you have no choice... it is what nature demands

It is up to you to take the last shot!

The Whole team is depending on you

You have to achieve the correct elevation...

You have to place the ball in the correct rotation

As the clock winds down...

The score is tied

Everyone else has tried and the reality is that...

The outcome is in your hands...

There is no other...

Fuck pressure...

This is life and...

You will take the last shot...


At The Buzzer!!!! The Remix

At The Buzzer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The Remix

How many of us can really take the shot at the buzzer?

I can

Yes it does take a lot of skill to shoot the last shot

An abundance of nerve, courage, confidence and so much more

So how many of us can really pull the trigger “At the buzzer”

I can

How many of us can really take the last shot, the one it all comes down to?

Who amongst us all is willing to be known as the one that failed or succeeded ?

I am

You see the score is tied and everything is perfectly balanced

And It's all about the last shot

And I have the ball!

The arena gets smaller as I advance towards the front court

This is now a lesson

Life is teaching me something, this is no longer a sport

Victory to me is now an obsession

I know in my heart I will take the last shot of this game

I do realize that after-wards my life will never be the same

Passing is not an option

I am here solely for this moment

This will require all the faith in me I've got


I already know will raise up from the floor with 2 seconds left and shot the shoot...

At the buzzer!

Where did all the jobs go ?

Where did all the jobs go ?

The question is actually a simple one if looked at from an overall perspective. You see in order to get what we wanted we have to give up something as well. So the answer to the question in short form is technology. As we wanted everything at our fingertips, just a touch away. What was unknown to most of us at the time was that it would be the entire manufacturing industry. If you could remember all of the huge factories that used to exist? Remember the massive manufacturing plants that used to be spread out all over the United States that mass produced cars, washing machines and so much more.
Well technological advances have made it possible for robots to perform these functions now. Whereas factories used to employ tens of thousands of people. Now most major corporations need only a “Skeleton Crew” strictly to manage, maintain and program the robots. See robots don't need health insurance nor do they take sick days or vacations. They don't have a union demanding time and a half. They simply work, break and are repaired or replaced. So you see for all of this touch technology, cell phones, flat screen TV's, insanely powerful yet extremely fuel efficient cars, we have to pay a price. The price, Downsizing another round of layoff's companies growing to immense sizes yet operating with fewer and fewer human employees. Fortunately there are structured products and services that are now and will always be “Technology” safe. But for the most part the traditional 9-5 is in a sense gone forever. If you correlate the two you should clearly see the real reason “customer service” in this country has went down the drain. The reason you fight through prompts in hopes of talking to a real person all the while being strongly urged by a robot to chose from a very limited set of options. No matter what the reason for your call is.
Th e ability to feed information, facts and objectives into a computer and receive concisely researched data is the main reason we have such extremely pricing structures everywhere, even in you r average fast restaurant. So you see in todays employment environment the only two realistic options that exist would be to A. educate and align yourself with one of the “Technology Safe” fields or professions or B. combine the newly available “World Wide marketplace” with hard work and a great idea and generate a revenue. Maybe the jobs are still here just a whole new format.