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The Tucson Edge - The 2nd Issue 



The Tucson Edge

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So one day last week I took my usual walk down to Catalina Market (2601 N. Columbus Bl) as I do several times a week to pick up few items ( they have great incense!) and hold a short conversation with the owner, Jay. I also pick up my usual copy of the Tucson Weekly and head on back home. Only this time when I went over to pick up a copy on my way out the door, there was another publication sitting on the stand right next to it...TheTucson Edge?

I asked Jay what was this “Edge” about? He told me it was something new and that I would enjoy it and suggested I take a copy home. Since it was in fact well within both my own budget and price range, free. I took a copy home.
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I sat and read my copy of The Tucson Edge, the second edition and I have to say it was exactly what I had been looking for...well written, highly researched nicely formatted info on the city, Tucson Arizona. Not just any info but relevant highly sought after info by Tucson's top 3 resident-types;
  1. Students – here via the U of A looking for the “big 3” Live Music, Good Food and stuff to do.
  2. Patients – In Tucson due to health condition(s) or Dr's orders seeking activities well within their “health” limitations and restrictions.
  3. Retirees – Essentially nothing but time on their hands (and a brand new Hybrid!)
The rest of us here seemingly fill in the blanks....

I mean I've actually heard stories of actual “Native Tucsonans”, people actually born and raised here? Although in my 30 plus years as a resident I personally have yet to see on? Everyone here is from somewhere else it seems as a Patient transfer, U of A Student, or a Retiree looking for some Sunshine.

* The rest of us are here because we got lost looking for Phoenix !

Back to me, what had me so impressed was both the knowledge of and access to Tucson's Independent Media! I personally had been looking for this info for a few weeks in hopes of strengthening distribution avenues, locally. And here it all was right here every single thing I'd been looking for, on a single page! The article did a great job of clearing up all of my questions and concerns in regards to “Tucson Independent Media” and even went on to clear up a few personal issue's as well. Like what really happened to Access Tucson...finally I know the truth. So much props and recognition to Julie Jennings Patterson for her Page 5 Article “Tucsonism” just what a local Copywriter needed...thanks Julie!

I went on reading The Tucson Edge, after earmarking the wealth of info I'd received from Julie back on page 5. I have to say I was really impressed at how each and every article was just long enough! Long enough to wholly satisfy my curiosities, retain my full attention. I loved it! As a fellow Copywriter I could clearly I was benefiting from the end result of some intense R&D in each article I read. I must say the publication does in fact do a good job of giving Tucson a nice sharp edge...at leas from an artistic perspective. 

I read the publication 3 times. I like how the pages flowed together somehow making the read a lot easier than most, a great transition from one subject to the next. In closing I would not only recommend the reading to most if not all Tucsonans, but also ask if you have any local advertising needs to please look towards the >The Tucson Edge< as an option. The local support would be greatly appreciated in kind. So the next time your at a local Circle K, put up a copy and read it, show local support....This is Tucson.

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